How My Date Went

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    my 2 cents continues_ smile

    In the black community there is much concern about black males who have bought into the marketing by beer companies to buy what is known as "Forties" which are 40oz beers and yet you stated :

    The bar serves up its draws in 20 ounce cups. He drank 4 on his own and then polished off my second one of which I had only had a couple of sips

    which means on a first date he consumed in excess of 100oz of beer which i s like watching someone drink 3 liters of soda

    the difference is the soda will just make you "piss" but that much beer would cause most folks to not be thinking with a full deck-

    not to try an scare you or anything but it is a known fact that drinking increases a persons willingness to take risk and for a woman this can be very dangerous

    for such a man is "more" likely in my view to push the evelope with a woman than a sober man, he could turn out to be the greatest man to wear a pair of pants, but don't feel you have to accept behavoior that you don't agree with

    my wife and i work with so many former jw women in this area of dating and we have seen the damage that results when they use this new found freedom as one sister put it and end up with a "Fool"

    but on the other hand we have send so many women learn how to decern a good man regardless of whether the relationship moves to the next level or not

    just my 2

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