Rape Victim Forced To Listen To a Tape Of Her Assault In A JC

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  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    I kn ow of one elder that believed if the rape victim had an orgasm that indicated consent

  • gatorguy

    I am actually familiar with this situation. The elders involved absolutely made a grave and disgusting mistake by forcing the girl to listen to the audio. However, the brother was not in ANY exemplary positions. I don't know if this matters to any of you but I was kind of irritated reading the article knowing a lot of the facts that were distorted. The kid was a creep and I know that he had a very well known reputation of being one. Again, I'm not defending the elders but they absolutely did not facilitate the sexual misconduct

  • Vidiot

    Well, this is what happens when the Org steadily purges out any members with half a brain.

    You get morons in charge who f**k up so spectacularly, it practically warps time and space.

  • JWdaughter

    Any one who is a publisher is supposed to be in good standing, so far as elders know. That is what JWs assume-anyone known by elders to be a danger should not be in a position as anything, isn't that what fireproof and DFing is about? So they won't endanger others?

    It seems though that the worst offence here is the treatment that the elders subjected her to while in the JC being forced to listen as she was being used sexually. First the evidence of what occurred with the young man, then the way the elders subjected her to it again. In front of her mom and dad.

    Did they all leave the cult after that or are they shunning their daughter? The guy who knows the situation could enlighten us a bit with the rest of the story.

  • darkspilver

    Hi JWdaughter!

    Any one who is a publisher is supposed to be in good standing, so far as elders know. That is what JWs assume-anyone known by elders to be a danger should not be in a position as anything, isn't that what fireproof and DFing is about? So they won't endanger others?

    Define: good standing

    • A publisher can be 'marked' but still have a fairly full role in the congregation.

    • A publisher could be under 'restrictions' but still have an otherwise full role in the congregation.

    To have a 'role' though a publisher would normally need to be 'exemplary'

    For example to auxiliary pioneer or be used on an assembly item (demo or interview)

    The auxiliary pioneer thing needing to be exemplary was 'interesting' when the WT first brought in the special 30 hour months and encouraged ALL in the congregation to aux pio - of course, not all the congregation was 'technically' explemary, which was kinda interesting! haha!

    Likewise with the new style assembly Watchtower review - all those publishers walking on to give a brief answer/comment - they should ALL be exemplary - so the one's in the congregation that aren't used, well, well....

    Most publishers fall down on the right view of the Theocratic Ministry School which was different - by it's very nature of being a 'school' - you didn't need to be explemary to be on that and have an assignment, BUT you did need to be exemplary to be used for a demo on the Service Meeting. Haha yeah, that confused people because they just viewed being on the platform as being on the platform.

  • JWdaughter

    People have spent decades going to the doors telling folks that they are bible teachers. They INSTRUCT people on the bible in bible studies. One must be QUALIFIED to be ministers> Remember the title of the book? Who's doing the vetting? The elders. And no matter what they try to explain away by explaining the classes and positions in the religion that they say there is no class system in, no hierarchical positions, the fact is that they do say that all their members are ordained ministers and supposed to to teach and instruct others about the bible.


    The theocratic school to to teach people to be effective ministers and teachers. . .https://www.jw.org/en/publications/magazines/w20120915/theocratic-schools/#?insight[search_id]=e328ab25-2090-48b2-80fe-bccb2e6ce4ea&insight[search_result_index]=9

    "Purpose: To train publishers to be effective preachers and teachers of the good news".

    The WT says this, "Like teachers and instructors of the Bible in the past, Jehovah’s Witnesses today are engaged in a Bible educational work in 239 lands worldwide. (Matthew 28:19, 20) Week by week, they help well over nine million individuals to understand the Bible. Many of those learners come from non-Christian backgrounds. These study sessions are free and can be held at one’s home or at another convenient location. Some people even enjoy their lessons by phone or video, using a computer or a mobile device."

    If the abuser was accepted by the elders in the congregation as a publisher, then he was indeed an "instructor" by the WT own definition, so I object to anyone claiming she overstated his position. EVERY JW is considered to be a minister and instructor of the Bible. They are sent out in FS with that understanding and there should be something to that, or their qualifying as ministers means exactly zip, zero, zilch.

    If publishers are not in good standing and NOT qualified to be a minister, then why are they allowed to represent themselves as ministers and instructors? When I was a JW, you accepted that those around you were decent. They would send you home if your OUTWARD appearance didn't meet their standards( my friends tights were too racy when she was 13!), but they let known sexual abusers go door to door? Even a person known to be immoral by the standards they set? And they will stop a guy with a BEARD from going out in service unless he has a note from his freaking doctor? Come on! But a guy who rapes OR seduces 14 year olds is qualified? Passing around mics? EVERY (non elder, apparently) person in the congregation would think that those boys are the reliable ones.

    Anyway. I hope she has some good lawyers because whatever her part in the situation leading up to the JC was, the way she was treated in that scenario seems abusive, villainous and litigable to me.

  • gatorguy

    The family is all out now. But you're naive to talk like just simply being a pub is a green light for any and all trust with anyone. Elders get counsel on improper contact with the opposite sex when performing their duties, why wouldnt it be expected and assumed the same for any publisher in any standing. Ex-jw's need to quit painting with such broad brushes. It takes away from more pressing issues

  • JWdaughter

    I don't think that expecting that known abusers would be kept in check in some sort of way is naive. Until I left, I had no idea that men who were known abusers were going out in service. I thought that known "immoral" people would not be going to doors. Was I naive??? YES, and you want to know what? Fourteen year olds SHOULD be naive, and if parents see their kids spending time with other kids that all go out in service as MINISTERs, they are all going under the impression that they are in clear standing. Most don't sit there with a handbook of how bad one is allowed to be and still be considered to be "in good standing". Most assume the best of people who call themselves BIBLE INSTRUCTORS. While in the borg, we are told we are the best of the best, and that we are the chosen people. So, people are stupid and buy that crap. I don't anymore, but my mom would not believe and does not believe any of the news reports about rapists or abusers still in service, or known abusers being in good standing or any of that. Or that the WT policies have aided and abetted abusers for a long time. Naive is what JWs are about other JWs. I had no dad who was an elder to warn me about certain other JWs. We only had our guts to go on in my unconnected house.

    I knew nothing about anything but DFing or being in good standing when I was a kid. No one talked about marking, reproving was a mysteriously vague kind of notice.

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