Rank & File Reaction to Leah Remini Series

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  • undercover

    It's easy to see the similarities for those of us who were once inside, but are now out.

    For those still inside the JWs, if they even bothered to watch it, they would focus on the leadership, the theology, the physical confrontations and private eye stuff, and never make a correlation. The shunning, the disconnections, the accusations of 'crimes', and other control methods would not penetrate a JWs mind to the point of them seeing the similarities.

    Watching the one ex member who broke down in tears and asked for a break, when talking about losing his family brings us anxiety and touches us... we've seen it and experienced it. A JW watching that same scene would not react as we do. They will not feel that empathy, they're above it all. They have Jehovah's spirit and are living in a spiritual paradise. Too bad for this guy, but had he been a JW, he wouldn't be going through this. I'm generalizing of course, but for the most part, a hard core, zealous JW has little to no empathy for the world around them.

  • konceptual99

    I am watching The Path with my wife at the moment and am not really surprised that she can't see the similarities in certain behaviours and tactics. When I was mentally in then I never thought I was in a cult.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    They do not knock on doors so they are a cult, Matt. 24:14...

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    The book Going Clear (on which the documentary is based) is fantastic for understanding the history of Scientology. I would most certainly say it is more loopy than JW's, but on a long enough scale, you really wouldn't be able to tell how far apart the two are.

    Arguing over who is worse makes no sense. People lose family, opportunity, and dignity in spades in both scenarios.

    I have enjoyed watching some of it, although i find it a bit repetitive. How many times can we see cars and private investigators following you. We get it. They are litigious.

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    I didn't see the series. I do know a Scientologist...They are much alike to JW's. But they don't like JW's. They say they seem to have no heart, when they come to the door and read a scripture they have no life it's like they are reciting..

    I have been a witness for just a short while...my observation is that when a person is a witness and all is well,they have never been counseled or corrected, treated fairly, well liked and so on....but let them be treated unfairly or something or other burst their bubble about the org. only because now THEY HAVE BEEN OFFENDED. They have a very cavalier attitude when it happens to someone else in the congregation, they are quick to say, well they needed to be corrected, Satan was probably trying to get a hold of them or they were spiritually weak, many of us on here know what I mean. But when it happens to them the blinder finally come off. Why because it was ok when it was someone else now it's them...& not always but when that happens many end up on sites & say the org. is this and that. They shun, the doctrine, the hours, some of the brothers and sisters are unloving....now before they were offended or unjustly counseled this stuff was still going on but not to them.

    What I've learned in this life is it's always the thief that screams the loudest. The thief can steal but when you take theirs, well that's a different story.

    If JW's watch the series & all is well in the hall for them & their families. They are a part of a social group and they are in the in-crowd, no they won't see the similarities...because they are safe...but the ones who have had problems with a brother or sister & so on....when they see this series they would see the similarities. I've seen and heard this many times, if a brother gives you a direction, & you obey then you share with one of them, they'll say, well even though he is a brother but you don't have to follow. But if you say the same thing but say the brother told me to do this but I said I wasn't comfortable doing it, the friends would say, well he is a brother and you must follow them. Darn if you do and darn if you don't.

    I'm finding many on the websites that are witnesses or x-witnesses they come on when they feel they have been treated wrongly, but if they weren't would they be on web-sites like these...I see many say, when they were in they didn't see it...but when mistreated oh well, now they can see clearly.

    So JW's that are safe in their little paradise world will never see the similarities but when trouble comes then we will see them here. I'm happy for places like these web-sites and for people to be able to come to be healed but would they have come if all was still well in happy land...I'm here because I'm not on the fence, I would like to leave without being DF'd if possible. I see the truth for what it is. Many have buried their heads in the sand.

    Someone said shunning of loved ones...true love does not shun. I know it's easier said then done but if your love ones only love you because you worship like them, walk and talk like them...are they truly love ones.....shun & love should not even be in the same sentence. It's a big world out there....this religion is good for folks who have OCD....everything is all neat and nice....home clean, bible clean and neat, all their publications neat, everything in it's place even God....I can live my life because everything is in order....

    So all that to say, some will see it and some refuse to see it & some, one day when life in the org. is not so to them, they'll see it & we will see them on this site. But I'm glad they'll have this site or another one to come to when the bubble bust...because it would be unloving for me to say...or feel they should suffer. But when they were doing the shunning it was ok, but when it's comes back...we shall see them.


  • ToesUp

    Oh wow tor1500 are you ever right on your post above. We have witnessed this several times in our family. We had a family member that got a slap on the wrist and boy he just couldn't take it. Now that he is in "good graces" again in the org. he can't see anyone elses problems. He's all warm and snuggly in the org again so all is well. It's always easier passing judgment on others, UNTIL it happens to YOU!

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    I need to talk to her about endorsing the Catholic Church so intensely at the end of episode 7, the season finale. That sucked for me personally, but I'll get over it.

  • tor1500

    Hi Toesup,

    Thanks for your reply. Ain't that the truth... that's the way most folks in or out of the truth, as long as it ain't them. When you are going thru something they'll give you a few scriptures, that is because they are so busy they can't handle your issue, But let it be one of them that has an issue and nobody listens or do what they do, give scriptures but then give a comment how we should take time to listen to one another. Most witness are self centered and require a lot of attention maybe because they never got it from home. Some are not strong enough to face life, let them wait on line too long...they huff and puff cause you know they are witnesses and should not wait so, they get upset & want the new system just because they had to wait on line.

    I find some witness full of themselves just cause they know the scriptures....a child can memorize scriptures. Most witnesses don't even know what love is....never experienced it...because if they had they wouldn't have to learn it from the org...love is a feeling that cannot be taught...well in my opinion anyway. Even some that seem to be meek, or when they talk into the mic..they have these little voices like that makes them more holy. Don't sleep on the meek and shy ones, once they learn the truth and now a little popular depending on how many hours and how much you don't work so you can meet during the week when the rest of us slobs are working. Once these meek ones find out they are validated....watch out....as you say, they are snug.

    I think one of the MO's of witnesses is to be accepted someplace....

    I love my job and they treat me well, but it doesn't mean that I can't see the problems...sometimes humans can be so sad.... Our upbringing plays such an important part of us...many of the things the org. teaches, should have been taught from home, but I do know that's not always the case....the scriptures talk about the seed and the soil, some seed is good seed but planted in the wrong soil...

    If they made a series of JW's & JW's watched & saw someone they knew telling the story they still would not see it. Only if their little toes were stepped on. It would be nice for a series to happen about the witnesses not to crumble them but for folks to make a choice to stay but not out of force. The Catholics were exposed and folks are still attending.

  • NikL
    If they made a series of JW's & JW's watched & saw someone they knew telling the story they still would not see it. Only if their little toes were stepped on. It would be nice for a series to happen about the witnesses not to crumble them but for folks to make a choice to stay but not out of force. The Catholics were exposed and folks are still attending.

    So very true! Especially the part about the Catholics.

  • Vidiot
    Simon - "In my experience, witnesses rarely watched anything about cults..."

    Might hit a bit too close to home, after all.

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