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  • Atlantis


    From time to time we do this vienne. If Grandpa wrote something that sounded uncomfortable or was too harsh, then you just let old Grandpa apologize right up front with no questions asked. Let Grandpa say he is sorry and give you a big hug let you know how much you are loved and appreciated, and then walk you over to the table for a full course meal.

    This goes out to every member of this board, because everyone here should feel loved and appreciated.

    We do this to help keep peace on Simon's board, and it proves to the whole world that we do "not" think of ourselves as so high and mighty that we can't humble ourselves and apologize. No problem!

    Exjws are "not" like the governing body who are not willing to say the two words (I am sorry for my error).

    When you are finished with your meal you can go over to the easy chair, put your feet up, and watch cartoons. The cartoons seem to be the only thing on TV that makes any since these days.

    Love you vienne!



    If you would like to be on the email list just send me a private message and let me know where to send you the documents. We have been doing this for years, and we send out the documents to people all over the world including attorneys and the authorities.


    Ok, let Grandpa shut up for now and let all of you know you are loved and appreciated!


  • fastJehu

    For the heart-"warming" and lovely words take 1 or 2 "cold" german beer

  • Smiles


  • ScenicViewer

    10 Likes to Atlantis!

    What nice words.

    (I have to leave Likes this way because my Like and Dislike clicker no longer works. At least this way I can leave as many Likes as I want!)

  • Atlantis

    When it comes to the "likes" clicker, just throw me another slice of that Dutch Apple Pie, and I'll know you sent a "like"!

    Cold German Beer for everybody!

    We men should tally up and send the ladies out for a "Ladies Night" so that they can entertain themselves.

    And send Simon a case of ale too!

    So many of you out there working your tails off to make ends meet and keep your nose above water. You deserve a break now and then too!

    Cookie thief!

  • ScenicViewer

    You've got it, Dutch Apple Pie coming at you. But just a slice? No, here comes the whole pie! (That should be about 10 Likes worth. )

  • Biahi

    I love you, Atlantis! And thank you for all your hard work! You are amazing! You deserve a beer. 🍸

  • Atlantis

    We love you all too! Some people feel that the members of this board are the only real family they have.

    Their JW relatives have shunned them and make them feel as if they are not part of their family anymore.

    Won't even talk to them on the phone.

    What a terrible way to treat your own flesh and blood, just because of 8 pot-belly drunks at Watchtower Headquarters.


  • Smiles

    8 potbelly?

    Let's be fair... Let's check it out and gets the facts... Splane has somehow managed to maintain his slender snake-like figure.

    So, its more like "only" 7 actual potbellies...

    And we cannot yet prove that all 8 are confirmed drunks. But we do know as fact that all 8 tip back the watchtower wine at least once per year, and as a group have enabled at least one Sunday Funday Bottle King-Priest, thus rendering all 8 guilty by association.

    Therefore, rather than 8 potbelly drunks, the facts and simple math place them at approximately 7.5 potbelly unapologetic alcohol enabling snakes.

  • Listener

    It might not be alocohol that is making all eight of them drunk but it's definately spirits of one kind or another and they are drunk on power and importance.

    The Bible even has scripture about the FDS

    Matthew 24:49

    49 and he then begins to beat his fellow servants and to eat and drink with drunkards

    But they're not just drunkards, they are very hungry, hence the potbellies. They are hungry for the money from their followers. Even closing the congregation bank accounts to enjoy all the spoils.

    Very apt descriptions, one way or the other.

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