The Memorial and my thoughts.

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  • DesirousOfChange

    My perception on the Memorial we attended last night: There were lots of 30-somethings who were taking the lead. The speaker was not one of the old timers that I knew so well. He was a younger guy, with a beard of course, but noticeably lacking good grammar I might add. About 40%-50% were sporting beards. There were quite a few of that crowd (30's/40's) that we knew as peers of our children. Maybe there were more of that group that were NOT there (hard to tell if someone is NOT there that should be). Any of the more senior guys were only doing a prayer or passing of the emblems. There were a lot more in attendance that we did not know than those with whom we were acquainted.

    All those old guys that were the shakers-and-movers when I was there....... ARE OLD. And they look old. And fat. I wonder if they are dealing with the fact that they will likely die before the New World saves them. Or maybe they are still deluded and hanging on to the idea that "It's right around the corner"?

  • Riley

    There was no big push on this year to get people to attend "the Memorial " or " Memorial season at my wives hall. My wife didn't even go into field service the Saturday before the Sunday.

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