So let's discuss the framework of gods plan for a paradise earth

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  • Revealed

    No one knows how He will do it.

  • Overrated

    Alot of Bullshit!

  • JoenB75

    On one level it is funny, that ex JWs whine so much about the doctrine about Jehovah slaughtering the non JWs at Armageddon considering Evangelicals teach that those who die without faith in the trinity get eternal punishment. On the other hand it can not the match the fun of the combo of that Armageddon doctrine and the idea of all the ignorant billions being raised minus those that refused JW and some other baddies. It is clearly a seriously half assed solution from the hand of Rutherford that took Russell's second chance / one real chance theology and added some later day Evangelical doctrine seeing himself as the judge in Matthew 25. You could be cynical and say that people that follow such an idiotic doctrine deserves what comes to them.

  • fulltimestudent

    Revealed's Comment : "you've slipped.- (a) Mixture of facts and fantasy.'

    Yes, you're right. It's somewhat pointless to argue too much about xtianity. Its a few facts mixed in with heaps of fantasy and speculative detail

  • waton

    R why would you trust, speculate about the future based on scripture, when the record of the bible about the past is so miserable? 95 % wrong?

    Even the present wt presentation, good for repetition the next 6 months: "hangs the Earth on nothing" is wrong, the Earth is hung on everything , that is, energy. every thing is made from/with energy. even orbital velocities.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    They claim that survivors of Armageddon won’t reach perfection for 1000 years. What about Armageddon survivors who were terminally sick or elderly before Armageddon ? Will they die of old age or illness after Armageddon and be redirected later?

  • smiddy3

    No one knows how He will do it

    That says it all ,he/she believes in God the magician. You don`t need facts you don`t need evidence ,you just need faith that God knows how he will do it.

    All superstitious nonsense .

  • truth_b_known

    Arguing with one of Jehovah's Witnesses is like arguing over General Calrissian taking the starship Enterprise to the Battle of Five Armies.

  • JoenB75

    waton, to the ancient mind, the earth hangs on nothing. Nothing tangible nor the arm of a god. So if we dont force modern science concept on the ancient text, it is true indeed.

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