WT Document Posted in Sweden (in Swedish) re Abuse

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  • blondie


    Paste the link above in your browser and you will be able to see a scan of the
    document sent to all congregations and newspspers in Sweden.

    To Translate use:


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Thanks Blondie!

  • blondie

    Thanks, Big Tex. I am surprised that more people have not responded since I can remember reading that some wanted an url to the Swedish newspapers that carried the WTS response to the TV program on abuse in the WTS organization. If anyone can translate this more easily into English, please do.


  • undercover

    I had trouble getting it to translate. But thanks for the info. Maybe I'll try again if someone else doesn't come up with an easier way.

  • happy man
    happy man

    Tuesday may bee the most exciting day ever fore JW in Sweden, as you now our leaders putt in ther wuie of what happend in a pedophil case in a lot of newspaper, wery unususl and as JW I must say very desturbing, this look like panik, and we have a letter that all this have been done in wery close to Brooklyn addvise.

    I heard rumors now that one some way the peopel who is behind this have information as will show that JW now what they send out in newspaper not was the truth, I dont now what it is, perhaps some internal info how they have come over, like this UN letter to all branch office, as we could read on internet unbelvebel very unbelevebel.

  • SYN

    I can't believe this VERY IMPORTANT thread got buried! Guys, PLEASE could someone translate this for us? Pwetty please? With icing and little cherries on top? Thanks

  • hawkaw


  • hawkaw

    2nd PING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chester

    Happy man,

    Did anything exciting happen today (tuesday) in Sweden?

  • happy man
    happy man

    uppdate from sweden.

    Tv in sweden how make the program one month ago was now answering to the protests from JW that this was all lies, it all end upp in who of two boys how talk truth, the offender or the wicktim, quess how site WYT was one, they say the wicktim was lying and the offender say the truth, so it is one word against unother, and ther we stand.

    After this they have a debatt, and ubelevebel ther was our Boss in Sweden , he was qestioned of one jurnalist, and try to tell that we have not so much problems like the catolic church, it was only 10-15 case in swden he say, and they have also take this things to court he say, sevreral times, this was wery funny beaucause we have in the cong several talks how say that we can NOT AS a cong tell the goverments, it is upp to the family to do.

    So it all end upp in confusion, on the qestion can you say forgive us to the wictim, he say we are so sorry, that this happend and we will try to do things bettter, but any polygise he dont tell, sad to say.

    love from HM

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