Imagine If The World Was Ruled By Just One Government/Kingdom

by Brokeback Watchtower 13 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    First off to go would be information deemed unfit for heavily indoctrinated subjects. No rival governments less freedom granted by existing ruler, just cogs in a huge fucking wheel would humans become.

    No appealing to the masses of the benefits of their government and the horrors of the opposition. They are all this generation knows.

    What type of mental pigmies would this produce? Generation after generation?

    So a 1000 year reign of Christ with Watchtower corporation's directives would produce the most simple of simpletons.

  • hybridous

    Yes. Good thought experiment!

    I would also predict a largely dysgenic effect. As humans are conditioned to abandon the use their higher, abstract powers of reasoning, I expect those abilities would wane as generations pass.

    'Once we were conditioned to not ask certain questions. Later, no one even knew that those used to be questions to ask.'

  • smiddy

    If you mean JW`s and their God /King ruled the earth as one Government for the next thousand years the human race would become extint ,

    Think about all the directions given over the years by JW`s and we would be living back before the stone age.had even begun.

    It could not be anything but a hell on earth ,no modern technology ,no higher education ,none of the benefits that mankind has received would be achieved such as Medical, scientific,Dentistry ,numerous health benefits , under a theocratic rule in the future.

    In the Old Testament when Theocratic Rule was reigning over Gods Chosen people and Jehovah was blessing them ,these facts still remained .

    Leprosy still existed in the land ,Why ?

    Wars were conducted under a theocracy and still Gods people were slain even when Jehovah blessed them as a nation.

    Slavery was condoned ,and women were treated as second class citizens to be exploited

    JW women shouldnt be expected to be treated much better than Muslim are women today

  • scratchme1010
  • Vidiot

    Isn't a "single unified planetary government" a Star Trek thing?

  • Vidiot

    Good thing to remember if/when you ever catch yourself thinking, "what if they're right?".

    Some related stuff in this thread, too:

  • Chook

    Hi prince Lot have you had a hard day judging these fornicators in their watermelon patch and Mary over there is still showing to much cleavage, we need another beer Lot. Your grandchildren sure look like you grandpa . I have fine specimens of daughters they have blessed my loins. Lot have you heard from the watchtower realestate company lately? No my friend we warred with the warriors of Warwick on the south mountain and God was with us .

  • ttdtt

    Lets see, who in the past has thought of this????

    Hitler, Stalin, Ceaser. God is in good company.

  • Quarterback

    If we leave up to man to rule, we'll become killed off by a Nuclear Holocost.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I think while just one government to rule the world might have its advantages, its disadvantages would tip the scales as more.

    No need for vast army so good bye military industrial complex, but the downside is a clamp on human intelligence for problem solving tighter censorship of the internet and so forth man's survival skills get turned off and less freedom of thought and many other things like no one allowed to speak against the government or expect severe penalties.

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