Three congregations dissolved and a kingdom hall sold within a 50 mile radius in my area...

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    Three congregations dissolved and a kingdom hall sold within a 50 mile radius in my area...

    Once the WBT$ has turned Kingdom Hall real estate into cash..

    It will be time for JW`s to donate more time and money..


    To Build More Kingdom Halls................................For The WBT$ To Sell..

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  • Acluetofindtheuser
    Recently in the pacific northwest I heard about two English congregations in the same Kingdom Hall being merged into one due to a lack of publishers. Both halls had enough Elders and MS but just not enough publishers. The preaching work is not attracting any new converts.
  • blondie

    I do believe the lawsuits are a factor, but the general lack of cash flow to support the upkeep on their fleet of buildings is a factor too. I wonder what the SF of their old buildings compared to the new one in Warwick is and how soon in the future they will downsize Wallkill and Patterson and combine them or dissolve them?

    Lowering the number of staff at the Bethels and the branches is a factor as well.

  • Scully

    It's part of their long-game of financially raping people.

    1) Get people to invest their own money in property that is then donated to WTS.

    2) Get people to pay "rent" on a property that they have already paid for, but stupidly donated to WTS.

    3) Cram in lots of Congregations™ to the one property, to maximize the rent collected by WTS.

    4) Get the people to make Contributions™ on top of the rent.

    5) Decide, at a point of their own conjuring, to sell the property and disperse Congregations™ and Congregants™ to different locations, whether or not they like it.

  • sparrowdown

    Yep it's like a game of musical chairs except with KHs.

    And we all know what happens at the end of musical chairs one chair one winner.

    But what about musical KHs? One website one winner = WT???

    It makes good business sense to streamline, downsize, consolidate and merge etc etc and WT at the end of the day is a business it will make decisions as a business would.

  • Scully


    • WT at the end of the day is a business it will make decisions as a business would.

    And ought, then, to be taxed as a business would.

  • sparrowdown

    Amen to that Scully. Now, if only the Government thought so.

  • pepperheart

    AND this is when they are not publishing between 40 and 60 million magazines a month worldwide as well :-) im so looking forward to these next few years

  • Crazyguy

    They published I think in 2016 only 11,000 new baptized ones in the USA for 2015. If only 11k new baptisms and who knows how many left that year, were DFD, and died. Now factor in to the scenario that the 11k were mostly born ins already attending and it's easy to see a decline.

    In my hall I know of two who died and three who left , that's a total of 5 out. Imagine if 5 left every hall in the US in one way or another every year and no new ones from outside the Borg joined.

  • steve2

    Contrary to what people may think, it is not that difficult to dissolve congregations. Here's a sure fire recipe:

    Ensure baptismal water is lukewarm, stir in a few sprinkles of apathy and a smidgeon or two of independent thinking.

    Congregation dissolved in no time.

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