HQ move; a good thing?

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  • Xanthippe

    When we told my sister and her husband we were leaving the cult they said it must be the truth because look at all the expansion, new KHs and branch offices being built.

    Now we know that KHs and branches are being closed and New York and London are moving to the country to free up cash. Yet I really think the JWs are bamboozled by these new branches. They really see it as expansion like my sister did.

    Throughout history people have always needed visible evidence of God's intervention and religions give them that through grand buildings. Although some of these ugly new KHs I've seen I wonder what it says to them about their god.

    I said at the time look at all the huge Cathedrals of Christendom, does that make them the true religion? Also I said to her what's the point of new buildings if they are full of miserable people who hate their lives. Suddenly all the complaints about the elders in her congregation and the way she and her husband had been treated were forgotten.

  • Vidiot
    Half banana - "HQ move; a good thing?"


    The more they consolidate, the more insular and separatist they'll become.

    The more insular and separatist they become, the more extremist they'll become.

    The more extremist they become, the more who still possess a modicum of sense will leave.

    At the rate they're going, in 50 years, the Warwick HQ will house all the JWs left in the world, and they'll all be weird as f**k. :smirk:

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