Are Christians religions all cults?

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  • SpiceItUp

    I was just reading something on a thread that tiggered this question.

    Have you even been involved in a converstation with a christian fanatic? I have a few times and have been told a few times that I am going to go to hell because I don't believe in the bible and don't except god/jesus (at least their version) into my heart.

    I know that having that fear as a basis for beliefs is a sign of cultish behavior. If you don't do this then you will die at armageddon/go to hell etc and so on.

    I don't want to lump all christians together because I know some religious people that are not like that. But the question is on my mind nonetheless.

    Do christians have cult tendencies? If so how does the line between cult and non cult get crossed. what makes some cults and others not?

    I'm interested in all points of views on this......especially the ones who are still practice christianity.

  • peacefulpete

    Christianity was at it's inception a cult by any definition. A jesus cult. Today the word has been associated with only the very worst type of cults(Jim Jones type)and so the definition has become blurred. The AFF (American Family Foundation) has offered the alternative term "high control goup". The groups so identified use specific techniques of recruiment and thought control. This is an interesting study. Go to their site and read the articles dealing with identifying Cults and high control groups.

  • peacefulpete

    I dont know why this text is highlighted.

  • Bona Dea
    Bona Dea

    That is a tough question. I personally (as in: in my own opinion) believe, based on my own personal experiences, that what determines whether a particular denomination/religion is a "cult" (I've never been a part of anything except Christianity so I can't really form any decent opinion on the operations of other religions) depends on the level of control, which is most commonly fear based (hellfire and brimstone/armageddon - take your pick), and to what degree that fear is driven into it's followers. And this can, not just vary from denomination to denomination, but from congregation to congregation as well.

    A good bit of it also depends (once again, IMHO) on the level of respect the followers/congregation has for their authority (the leader(s) or pastor). I have belonged to a church (AOG) that loved it's pastor so much that I wouldn't doubt that they would've jumped in a lake if he would've asked them to. There are many factors involved, IMHO. BUT the domination, however, that is administered within the ranks of the JWs (people spying on people, the tattling, the judicial committee, the inability to voice opposition without reproval) is just not there. I mean, you don't normally (I say normally because I am sure there are some) have other churches (i.e. Baptist, Methodist, Holiness) that force you to do things the way they want you to do them or else you can't be a part of their group.

    Anyway, did I mention that this is just my opinion?

  • drwtsn32
    Have you even been involved in a converstation with a christian fanatic?

    Yep. I agree with your post... in fact I think all religions are cult-like to some degree or another. Some religions are much, much worse and some or only mildly cultish.

    I'm going to go burn in hell now.

  • Reborn2002

    DISCLAIMER: The following post is solely my opinion, so Bible-thumpers who wish to refute it may nonetheless do so, but unwarranted insults or bashing because of my comments is unnecessary.

    Of course if you ask someone who is a member of a Christian denomination, for example Roman Catholic, if they are a member of a cult, they would say NO. This is no different than asking a Jehovah's Witness if they are in a cult, they will say no. When people are involved in a cult they are so indoctrinated they will deny it under all conditions.

    However, when you look at it from an outside, unbiased perspective and study the doctrines of many Christian (Catholicism, Protestant, Jehovah's Witness) and many non-Christian (Islam) religions, you will notice that they exhibit cult-like behavior. They have rules specific to their religion which dictates the very lives of it's members (CONTROL). They preach the "we are right, everyone else is wrong, we have the only true understanding of God and all others are condemned to death) (FEAR)

    In my own honest opinion, in their own way, all religions are cults. They want your money and your life, and spew their own interpretation (propaganda) to convince you that they alone are correct and understand the very nature of God and the purpose of life.

    More atrocities have been committed in the name of God and religion than for any reason. Shall I cite examples? The Holy Crusades, the Palestinian uprising (intifadeh), the Inquisitions, World Wars in which chaplains and priest on both sides preach to the soldiers that the same Christian God is with them? Islam radicals and 9/11?

    Religion is the single worst thing that has been perpetrated on mankind in history in my own opinion. Then again I am an atheist/agnostic, I expect to be lambasted.

  • Sentinel

    In general, I don't view mainstream religions as cults. Cults are branded as such because of their totally restrictive and dogmatic approach. They are right, everyone else is wrong. They will be saved. Everyone else destroyed. They are god's channel. No one else has a clue. They separate family and friends. They make bizzarre stipulations for marking members. Yet, even at that, there are lots of cults around and lots of poor lost human beings wrapped up in them. I personally consider the JW's to be a cult.

    Most religions are not that strict. If you belong to a certain church, you read their belief doctrines and you either accept them or not. You are not forced into baptism simply to belong. You are not constantly judged. And, the biggy, shunning is not practiced. If you don't like the teachings, or you wish to change, you simply leave. You aren't labeled and branded.

    I do remember that Roman Catholics are quite strict, and used to excommunicate members. Even they have calmed down a bit and deal with people and situations more reasonably. After all, we aren't in the Middle Ages any longer.

    Anyone can be a fanatic. A person can just go off the deep end about something they believe and think everyone should believe. They are imbalanced and emotionally disturbed.

  • freedom96

    I would say that definately not all Christian based religions are cults. Some might be more controling than others, but are not classified a cult.

    When you think about it, a cult allows little or no freedom of choice or thoughts.

    The WTS does everything in its power to control the rank and file, to the clothes they wear, what they look like, what they do on a daily basis at work, at home, in the bedroom, etc. If you don't follow their rules, the consequences are severe. That, my friends, is a cult.

  • StinkyPantz
    Have you even been involved in a converstation with a christian fanatic?

    I would post on this thread more fully, but I don't want to be called an intolerant, argumentative athiest twice in 24 hours.

  • DJ

    STINK>>>>>>I went into chat last night, which I don't usually do....just to apologize to you. I apologized twice. Since then, you have made several posts about the subject and your thread is still going. You also PM'd me about it again today. What more do you want? I am not going to bow down and do an act of worship to you....LOL. Let it go....ok? dj

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