Breaking news: Subcontracted logistics in US and Canada, more layoffs coming...

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  • sp74bb

    More changes in US and Canada operations.

    New "arrangements" in to get more benefits and less costs. Logistics in Canada and the United States will be managed by a new arrangement.

    Confidential: A famous supermarket and logistics company will take care of sending literature, keep an eye not getting your WT supplies together with a butter cream pot.

    Read well: Wal **** Logistics ...

    More layoffs...

    Headquarters in Canada of this famous company only at 37 km away from Watchtower Canada.

  • Listener

    You seem to be in the know sp74bb.

    I wonder how willing JWs will be to donate when they realize that a lot of their money is being used to pay worldly big, money making business instead of supporting the work through JW volunteers.

    Let me guess, with their monthly/bi monthly magazine order, they can include a few cartons of toilet paper and light bulbs.

  • sp74bb
    So funny Listener, but so unfortunately true in the future !!!
  • St George of England
    St George of England

    E-bay offers the facility for you to collect your order from your local Argos Store. Not so different.


  • bohm

    Logistics -- that would be sending magazines from the printing place to KHs? (not sure how the arrangement works right now). Do you have any idea/guess about the time frame for when this will be announced and implemented?

    I guess that under the great tribulation the secret supermarket will be the last thing to go under lol.

  • sp74bb

    Exact bohm... All logistics will be subcontracted, from printing place to KH, all KH supplies and all convention supplies.

    Will be announced very soon.

    The "secret supermarket" will for sure survive !!! :)

  • OrphanCrow

    So...what happens when the GT comes and the supermarket goes down in flames?

    How do the JWs get their stuff delivered to their bunkers?

    Oh yeah...thank goodness "we are no part of this world"...

  • WingCommander

    If true.....this is incredible......just, incredible! And this, after hearing about how some worldly printing company in Germany will be handling the literature printing and distribution in Europe!!!!

    The one thing.....the ONE thing JW's could say they did "in house", and that wouldn't be interupted by the GT, etc.....was the printing of the "Good News." Now, Satan's worldly, materialistic companies are to be trusted to handle it?

    Yep.....the jig is up....the shark has been jumped. They aren't even trying to hide the fact that they are nothing more than a publishing and real estate corporation, fronting a religion. No different then the scam known as "Scientology". Literature, catchy feel-good videos, and real estate holdings. This is just mind-blowing at this point. So totally not the religion I grew up in. So glad to be out and free!!

  • DwainBowman
  • OrphanCrow

    Oh. I think I got it.

    The JWs can get their literature and groceries delivered to their bunkers at the same time...all their needs looked after in one easy trip

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