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  • cofty
    Which is why making donations for the "worldwide work" of the organization instead of for books and magazines was a smart move. - dubstepped

    If I remember correctly they started a separate box for WWW a very long time ago. Most dubs just shared out what they were giving previously between the local box and the new box.

    Then there was a third box when the free literature arrangement was forced on them. They expected JWs to donate the cost of their mags and books and in addition to put in anything they got in donations at the doors. When I was accounts servant this box was as empty as Newcastle's trophy cabinet.

    The "donations only" literature following the Swaggart court case cost them millions in annual revenue. Their huge reserves have been masking this for the past two decades. Recently they have been selling the family silver and stealing all the reserves from local KHall funds.

    None of this is a permanent solution. I reckon they are pinning their hopes on armageddon!

  • _Morpheus

    *bangs head on wall* dear god... another another another thread yet again over and over .... how many times..

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