Sign JW Data Protection Form Or Else!

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  • freddo

    I think record cards are exempt (in England anyway) because some years (decades?) ago we all signed a record card saying that our hours etc. could be kept by the BoE.

  • purrpurr

    I'd like to see a copy of this form in advance, especially the terms and conditions. .. could anyone here supply?

  • freddo

    purrpurr - Atlantis has supplied them on his "6 BoE's - just arrived!" thread.

  • floridaborn
    Do both parents have to sign for minors?
  • James87

    What are in these s-21 cards? Im guessing just name address and phone number?

  • no-zombie

    I made a comment in another thread, but if the Organization does actual roll out a global publisher database, then surely these kind of documents must appear due to the fact the by its very nature, required data would flow across international boundaries and their respective privacy laws. Its very 'Big Brother'.


  • berrygerry
    if the Organization does actual roll out a global publisher database,

    Was there not info a few months back indicating that New York was instituting a unique membership number for each publisher?

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    I see an easy out for faders in this coercion

  • Listener
    11. A parent or legal guardian might refuse to sign the Notice and Consent for Use of Personal Data form for a publisher who is a minor. If the minor is an unbaptised publisher, no personal data should be collected for him. Nor should a Congregation’s Publisher Record card be kept for him. The report of field service activity may be collected from the minor as long as his name is not written on the report. The count of the individual and his activity may then be added to the Congregation’s Field Service Report (S-1) that is submitted to the branch office. If the minor is a baptised publisher, two elders should contact the Service Department for direction.

    They can go into detail explaining what to do in regards to an unbaptised minor publisher but it requires two Elders to call the Branch in regards to a baptised minor publisher for further instructions. That's really fishy and would appear to be done so that illegal/sneaky instructions can be conveyed without having to put it in writing. I wonder if this is the same reason they call the Branch in cases of child abuse.

  • careful

    Thanks for the info. This has potential to open up a real can of worms. For example, could one PIMO/POMO parent or "unbelieving spouse" object to the PIMI parent signing such a statement for the couple's minor children? Could this then be used in a legal custody battle? How would family court judges view all this? Might it lead to more rights for the child to make her or her own decision in this regard?

    If the org can continue to use individual people's data after such people change their minds and rescind their permission, wouldn't this be grounds for a lawsuit? I see legal issues here...

    I wonder too, given the level of "competency" of so many elders, just how qualified they would be to answer reluctant publishers' questions (the org's ill-thought-out instruction "have an elder explain..."). Wouldn't they often reason from their own level of thinking and experience and say things like, "Don't worry about it. We all signed" or "Don't you want to do what the faithful slave wants?"

    Loved jp1692's comment in another thread on this topic:

    Publisher: "What? I don't get to have any 'privileges'?"

    Elder: "That's right."

    Publisher: "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

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