What is the number 3 talk?

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    The #3 talk is what happens when a patriarchal, misogynistic hierarchy tries to make the “sisters” feel valued, while simultaneously trying to make JWism feel relevant.


  • Vidiot

    The #1 talk... pee.

    The #2 talk... poop.

    The #3 talk...


  • Vidiot
    Morpheus - "...happy fun time talk..."

    Thanks, man; that phrase is gonna be stuck in my head, now...

    "Happy happy fun-time talk!"

  • carla

    Thank you all!

    Just to be clear, when the wt does it's little skits (dramas or whatever the current lingo is) and video tape it to 'teach' the flock some nonsense, it is considered a teaching tool. If the sisters do a little 'skit' having one pretend to be a householder it is not 'teaching'. We all know women can't teach. Makes perfect sense

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Haha, they like to quote the scripture "the women proclaiming the good news are a large army" to make the ladies feel important at least in some way. But if women are like the army, the men are the sargents, generals etc. Women do the grunt work and but can't "teach" from the stage.

    I never had "fun" writing or giving a talk. They don't even let sisters do the part on just reading the bible. Why is that? I guess they want to make sure there is a dividing line from an early age between the sexes. No little girl gets to just stand and read scriptures.

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