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  • Charles Gillette
    Charles Gillette

    I often wonder about Death. What is it really? No one has any idea, do they? People have speculated since the beginning of time but each original concept of the hereafter as been absurd as the one before. How did Hamlet put it before his own demise? Didn't he describe death as "an undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns?" Is that what we fear, the unknown quantity of the Great Beyond? Is it a glorious heaven, a destructive hell, a great black nothingness, or all the above? Is there a Grim Reaper? I have been a watchtower slave for 33 years. Frm 1969 through 2002. I faded and moved away from the Watchtower in Brooklyn. I joined this site 16 years ago as Blueblades in 2002. We have had many discussions on this topic. However since new ones have joined us, I wonder what contributions they can bring on this very painful topic on Death. I am now 73 years old and don't have much time left above ground. I have come to accept that once your physical body stops functioning, thats it. I have read read many books on this subject and you can decide for yourself, really is there life after death? I have no fear of something I have no knowledge of. Science has estimated that about 180 Billion humans have come and gone on this planet and no one has come back on earth and explained about the hereafter. Of course one can point to most Holy BOOKS and be satisfied and have faith in what the writers have written. I for one cannot. Blueblades. How about you?

  • Hairtrigger

    That instant in time when you know everything but it does not matter none no more!

  • waton

    I am at least 17 years older, the doctor told me I have max 30 years to go, because a few huladies (not men) have lived to be over 120. I like talking to old people like me, and I do not see anxiety, but more serenity there than among the young. really. Glad that pain has been conquered (thanks medics all). Even in situations where I could have died, I do not remember suffering about the dying part.

    Death I see as a step of life: tired after a mission accomplished. Our part: to advance life, the contribution to bettered genes, (or not) added knowledge. Being a parent, having reaped those rewards.

    Death, a fitting conclusion to that period of consciousness we had. Imagine if we did not have the good sense to accept that! this planet clogged with 180 billion hanger -oners.

    Could a creator that made the universe do something to extend, or recreate [y]our existence somewhere else? well, he has demonstrated a successful first run. So, why should he?

    Life is great, one's death should be too. Urging the new life bearers into the future.

  • FedUpJW

    Death = nothing. Were we "alive" before we were born? No. Will we be alive when we die? No.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I'm more inclined to think of death with rebirth into another body when you desire it unless you chose not to be reborn and just stay in the diamond light. I think there is quite a bit of evidence supporting this long held idea by many races for thousands of years.

    Great to hear some among us are growing old gracefully, I think it a sign of a deep inner happiness and coming to terms with reality and not struggling nervously against it. I'm 65 BTW, so I'm not kid anymore but I still think like one and act like one some times.

  • steve2

    Every moment spent speculating about death is a precious moment robbed from living actively in the here and now.

    Speculating about death invites all manner of crazy and/or verifiable-proof ideas and doctrines, many of them religious, which lead to hopes about the “after” life that seem eerily like children’s fairy tales about living happily ever after.

    Adults are just better at dressing up their fairy takes with the artifice of “reasoning” and conveniently biased wishful sense-making.

  • Ruby456

    Steve sounds like you are drawing from Ecclesiastes - even you cannot get away from religious meaning making. Thank goodness othwise you would be a robot😺

  • Vanderhoven7

    Jesus said, "He that believes in me shall never die." I believe him.

  • ttdtt

    Knowing there is nothing after my heart stops haunts me so much.
    After almost 5 decades of thinking that I will never die, I have a hard time coping now.

    I wish I had a faith in something after, it would make things easier, but its just a Fiction created by people like me who could not fathom not existing.

    CG I feel for you.

  • humbled

    The stories of afterlife always fell short once l left high school.There were too many loose threads. But was there any reason to live if l rejected the whole cloth of god? Now I find grace in living even if the dust just settles permanently on me.

    Catholicism taught me this mantra “Our purpose is to know, love and serve God in this world and the next.” Then l went searching down the religious crossroad ( like Blueblades said ) there was just a wilderness of martyrs on pikes —wreathed, garlanded, votive candles blazing —their dead fingers extended. Problem was each pointing out the “True Path”— in every direction criss-cross. useless

    The life-everlasting that l honestly hold and that comforts me is ....TaTa! only the life that l presently, day-to-day live.

    The real grace (A life past my life) l have found has been when someone has let me open my heart with out crushing me. That benefit is powerful..l think even immortal. Since it helped me, why not transmit that simple grace? It is a simple way to move past my own last breath.

    The daily release of whatever narrative l was supposed to fulfill, l just accept the loss, let go of failures , mistakes and bad choices-I try to be honest about experiences going through this “Fire Swamp”. If the truth will set me free or take the sting out of death this is the only way l feel it for myself. I have lost family but gained family too. Others in this world need that grace. I find them , they are many. When l discovered religion bred hypocrisy, l left it.

    I saw the life breath leave a person —but see their power persist through the lives they touched. This is the immediate, earthy, practical life -after -death l hold to now.

    I have so many messes in my life but so much beauty . The fake narratives l felt l was supposed to be inhabiting hurt me. When l feel l have to pretend in my own life l drive myself and others crazy.( Lots of things will do this to you—not just religion )

    I got to see a good counselor on and off and that point of “grace” l mentioned earlier—someone l could honestly open up to— confirmed (to me at least)that we can pass on enduring good. Having some mercy on one another is good. Listen mercifully and see that you become braver anc it empowers others to go forward with strength to make better choices too. Let’s them aspire to honesty. It is the least but it truly is so much.

    This thread provided a moment of grace for me. Thanks for listening. And thanks for talking.

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