Epilsepy may B sign of demon possession

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  • badboy

    I am going 2 check what it actually says, I will give U the exact quote tomorrow.

  • teenyuck

    Thanks badboy....you can also PM me and I will give you a fax # if you would be so kind.

  • expatbrit

    Hello Teenyuck:

    Have you got hold of a scan yet? If not, I'll try and do one later today and email it to you.

    It occurs to me that these examples of Watchtower idiocy can be very useful. I would love to see the following courtroom scenario for instance:

    Lawyer: So Mr. WT Chimp, you are telling us that there are non-blood alternatives for 5 year old Jimmy that are better than transfusions?

    WT Chimp: Absolutely! That's why the court order for transfusions should be denied. Our Hospital Liaison Committees are experts in non-blood therapy.

    Lawyer: Your organisation has extensive medical expertise?

    WT Chimp: Certainly! We have won awards, you know!

    Lawyer: And you keep current with medical developments?

    WT Chimp: Absolutely!

    Lawyer: Perhaps I could refer the court to this recent issue of The Watchtower magazine......


  • hawkaw
    Lawyer: Perhaps I could refer the court to this recent issue of The Watchtower magazine......

    WT Chimp: Yes

    Lawyer: Please read the underlined sections of the magazine to the Court

    WT Chimp: Blah Blah Blah ..... Blah ... Blah ... Blah .... oh my god ..

    WT lawyer: Objection your honour. This argument learned counsel is trying to make is like arguing about apples and oranges

    His Honour: Well WT counsel you opened the door by putting on a so-called medical expert. Overruled and shut the f--k up. Continue with your questioning counsel

    WT Chimp: Your Honour, may I have a recess to change my underwear?

  • teenyuck

    LOL @Expat & hawk...

    Expat, I PMd you my e-mail. I don't have that scan yet, so if you could send one, I would appreciate it!

    Thank you very much!


  • shera

    OMG!! Is all I can say to that.

  • gitasatsangha

    If any JWs who have epilepsy remain in the organization after this, or if they have children who have this condition and remain, then they are self-hating cowards.

  • undercover

    I would like to see that article. If true, it is disgusting and not worthy of intelligent peoples time. But let's be careful and not jump to conclusions. No one has posted or qouted the article as of yet. It doesn't help to start bashing when we don't have the proof yet.

  • InquiryMan

    In fact that the conclusion was the other way round. That cases thought to be demon possession most likely is epilepsy, that is a medical condition in contrast to demons being involved. I guess you proved the WTBS wrong in this particular issue.

  • Robdar


    I had no idea that you have epilepsy. I have a seizure disorder too. It started as blanking out phases when I was 8. It hit me hard in my 25th year. Whereas I went for years without a seizure, last year and the year before were very bad.

    My problem is that although the doctors have witnessed my seizures, they can't find the part of my brain that is causing it. I have had so many tests. One doctor after witnessing one of my "spells" decided that I have some sort of activity going on in my right temporal lobe.

    I hope that one day that one of the tests picks up the problem and I can get medical help for it. The meds that they had me on, seemed to make it worse for a while. I am now med free and have had only one seizure this year. That happened at the Panama City Beach apostafest. I slept it off and was good to go afterwards.

    Good luck in getting relief from your seizures.



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