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  • Earnest
    jhine : You must know that faithful JWs sold houses and cars to donate the money to preaching work . Then when it didn't happen none of the money was paid back .

    It's true that some JWs sold their houses prior to 1975. But the purpose was to finance themselves to be able to preach full-time in the remaining months, not to donate the money for others to do the work. If I spend my money on myself, why should I be paid back?

  • DesirousOfChange
    Luke 1:8 doesn’t say that. Did you make a mistake?
    @ MIKE JW - It's Luke 21:8

    DAMN! My "2" key has been playing games with me. Sometimes it just doesn't work. I did not catch it that time. Guess I need to break down and get a new keyboard.

    Good catch, Mike!

  • jhine

    Ernest , the only reason that those people sold their homes was because the WT convinced them that , as you say , they were in the last remaining months.

    So when it all went wrong the WT should have apologised and made reparation

    The WT couldn't have KNOWN this as people believed because it didn't happen.

    Are you sure that no money was donated to the Org ? Any else want to say anything here ?

    Jan from Tam

  • slimboyfat

    Did the apostle Paul apologise for telling people it was better not to get married because the end was near in 1 Corinthians 7?

  • jhine

    I have just reread that chapter and Paul mentions ' this present crisis ' not a near future apocalypse

    He also says that if you do marry you do no wrong . Just that it MIGHT be better not to given " this present crisis '

    Jan from Tam.

  • slimboyfat

    1 Cor 7:29?

  • Phizzy

    We have to remember that Paul is writing to those in Corinth in the circumstances they found themselves then, around the time that Claudius had expelled the Jews from Rome.

    Paul was not writing to the wider church, even less so to us, but to his good friends in Corinth, he had spent 18 months or so with them when he established the Congregation, and he expected persecution to come upon them, as they would all be viewed as members of a Jewish Sect.

    His advice was for the time of this expected persecution, not any longer.

    That is the way I see it, others will disagree, no doubt.

  • jhine

    Yes Phizzy that's my take on it . I think that we always need to keep in mind that the letters were to specific congregations addressing the particular problems that they were experiencing. Some were internal disputes and behaviour, some external like persecution.

    Jan from Tam

  • Bribie

    A fascinating place ancient Corinth. I went there in 1994 and saw the judgement seat and the temple of Apollo. And where Paul probably worked as a tent maker.

  • Mikejw

    You must know that faithful JWs sold houses and cars to donate the money to preaching work

    Many did sell up for 75. Some gave a lot to the branch and some just lived of it wasting it all really since they genuinely believed with all their heart what the brothers were saying would happen before the end of the year 1975.

    As it got nearer the end of 1975 some started to worry what have I done. Oh shit maybe those brothers got it wrong, oh holy fuck I sold my house and gave up everything based on what they told me!

    Apparently anyone who experienced doubts that maybe the brothers were wrong about 1975 were labelled as bad associates or even apostates.

    Fast forward to the 2020s and it’s exactly the same with the vaccine and staying fully vaccinated. If you express doubts about the Governing Body direction then you are labelled bad association.

    Even now that the GB have done an official U turn on their own fully vaccinated mandates but still if you express doubts that the old direction was wrong then you are get told off. Once you are labelled someone who doubts the vaccines you are someone who doubts the GB. Because the GB never doubted the direction from Jehovah.

    I have given this a lot of thought and when I think about relatively intelligent long time JWs I can only put it down to sink cost fallacy. They have invested so much of their lives into the religion they don’t want to consider that it’s not the truth.

    I can easily convince anyone that this fully vaccinated direction was wrong. But they don’t want to hear it, some blind loyalty to these clowns in upstate NY.

    Same with 1914, all you have to do is stop and think for a short time are they really correct about 1914? But they have such a blind loyalty they don’t want to think about it.

    the brainwashing is so strong they somehow think they are being disloyal to Jehovah by doubting the vaccines and thinking about 1914?

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