Is JW.Org the true religion?

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  • Maria Nieves
    Maria Nieves

    JW.Org states that they are the true religion. I was told that it is written in the bible that JW.Org is the true religion. The following is the "alleged" evidence that was presented to me:

    Isaiah 43:10 "You are my witnesses," declares Jehovah, "Yes, my servant whom I have chosen, So that you may know and have faith in me And understand that I am the same One. Before me no God was formed, And after me there has been none.

    What do you think of the above scripture? Is it evidence that Jehovah Witness are the one true religion? Or can it be that JW.Org obtained its name from the above scripture?

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Their actions show that they cannot be the "true" religion. They allow pedophiles to remain in the congregations without anyone knowing but them. Which means the parents can't protect their children. They don't call the police to investigate when a child is abused. There are many other things that prove they aren't what they claim to be.

    Anyone can pick a name out of a scripture and say it is them.

  • Maria Nieves
    Maria Nieves

    Days of future passed, that is what I was wondering, whether Jehovah Witness were taking a scripture and interpreting it in their own way. A way that is to their benefit.

    I have seen people be disfellowshipped within the congregation. I have also seen disfellowshipped ones be shunned. Watching how a disfellowshipped person gets treated does not seem like brotherly love to me.

  • Xanthippe

    No I think the Plymouth Brethren are the true religion becasue Paul keeps calling Jesus' true followers brothers in his letters in the Bible and Brethren means brothers. So they must have the truth, right?

    Wait! I think it must be the Pentecostals because Pentecost was where the true believers got the Holy Spirit and that word is from the Bible, so they must be the true ones.

    Hang on, the Baptists believe in baptism and that's in the Bible. John the Baptist baptised Jesus so they must be the true religion!

    Or maybe it's the save the whale people becasue there was a whale in the Jonah story and it did the will of God by swallowing Jonah to teach him a lesson ..........

  • waton
    scripture, interpreting it in their own way. A way that is to their benefit. MN

    Yeah, The text addresses Israel, then living only in the Middle East, 10+2 tribes, 1 or 2 royal dynasties, (often real nasties), dying; an inherited priesthood as one of the tribes.

    WT org believes in a "Spiritual "Israel", the Israel of God. Made up of only the priesthood and the royal dynasty.
    Egomaniacs on a cosmic level. and not shy in their claims. again and again proven wrong.

    True religion? A true human invention.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    Read the whole of Isaiah 43. Get it in context.

  • smiddy3
    Maria Nieves

    When was that scripture applied to the Jews ? ,hundreds of years before Jesus or Christianity ever came upon the scene.

    Did the Jews ever identify themselves as Jehovah`s Witnesses from that time on ? No .And Jesus never condemned them for not taking up that name upon themselves.

    In fact the name / word "Jehovah" never existed before the 13th century when it was invented by a Spanish Catholic Monk no less, taking the latinized four consonants of the Hebrew Tetragrammaton as JHVH and adding some vowels ,coming up with Jehovah .

    Now think about what the Bible actually says and not what Jehovah`s Witnesses say .

    Phillipians 2:10 So that in the name of Jesus every knee should bend of those in heaven and those on earth and those under the ground and every tongue should openly acknowledge that Jesus Christ is lord to the glory of God the father

    And finally :.Acts 11:26 b "it was first in Antioch that the disciples were by divine providence called Christians "

    Think about that phrase " by divine providence " doesnt that mean by GOD / JEHOVAH / YAHWEH, the ALMIGHTY himself ?

  • Tobyjones262

    This is called circular reasoning. The bible is true because god says it is, god is true because the bible says so. Its just another false argument.

  • WillYouDFme

    I think its BS. Tribal concoction mixed with folklore and dogma.

    No such thing a true religion.
    (fyi everyone thinks their religion is true, and all the others are false or not right)

    The bible is one of the most hateful collections of writing ever.
    Has caused so much war, hatred, pain and suffering.

  • johnamos

    Quote - Is JW.Org the true religion?

    What do you think of the above scripture? Is it evidence that Jehovah Witness are the one true religion? – End quote

    Yes and Yes! The problem with those here and those that are still part of the WTS is not putting the Scriptures in context and being under the notion that being the ‘true religion’ now means that everything they do and believe would be right and correct.

    When are any going to understand that ‘Jehovah’s people (witnesses)’/‘true religion’ are viewed unclean/unfaithful until AFTER the GT.

    To put it in context replace carved image/molten image with WTS/GB.

    [Isaiah 42: 17 They must be turned back, they will be very much ashamed, those who are putting trust * in the carved image,those who are saying to a molten image: “YOU are our gods.” 18 Hear, YOU deaf ones; and look forth to see, YOU blind ones.]

    [Isaiah 43: 8 “Bring forth a people blind though eyes themselves exist, and the ones deaf though they have ears. 9 Let the nations all be collected together at one place, and let national groups be gathered together. Who is there among them that can tell this? Or can they cause us to hear even the first things? Let them furnish their witnesses, that they may be declared righteous, or let them hear and say, ‘It is the truth!’” 10 “YOU are my witnesses,” is the utterance of Jehovah, “even my servant whom I have chosen, in order that YOU may know and have faith in me, and that YOU may understand that I am the same One. Before me there was no God formed, and after me there continued to be none.]

    * [2-15-09 WT- Since Jehovah God and Jesus Christ completely trust the faithful and discreet slave, should we not do the same?]

    [11-15-09 WT- By word or action, may we never challenge the channel of communication that Jehovah is using today. (Num. 16:1-3) On the contrary, we should cherish our privilege to cooperate with the slave class.]

    [4-15-13 WT- How do we demonstrate our support for the arrangements made by Jehovah’s organization? One important way is by always putting our confidence in the ones whom Jehovah and Jesus trusting]

    [Psalm 146:3 Do not put YOUR trust in nobles, Nor in the son of earthling man, to whom no salvation belongs.]


    [1-15-04 WT – As foretold in Ezekiel chapter 38, Satan will soon complete his role as “Gog of the land of Magog.” This will involve a worldwide attack on Jehovah’s people. It will be an all-out attempt on the part of Satan to break the integrity of God’s loyal ones. As never before, worshipers of Jehovah will need to call upon him earnestly, even crying for help.]

    Ezekiel 39:23 And the nations will have to know that it was because of their error that they, the house of Israel, went into exile, on account of the fact that they behaved unfaithfully toward me, so that I concealed my face from them and gave them into the hand of their adversaries, and they kept falling, all of them, by the sword. 24 According to their uncleanness and according to their transgressions I did with them, and I kept concealing my face from them.’ 25 “Therefore this is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said, ‘Now is when I shall bring back the captive ones of Jacob and actually have mercy upon all the house of Israel; and I will show exclusive devotion for my holy name. 26 And they will have borne their humiliation and all their unfaithfulness with which they have acted toward me, when they dwell on their soil in security, with no one to make [them] tremble. 27 When I bring them back from the peoples and I actually collect them together out of the lands of their enemies, I will also sanctify myself among them before the eyes of many nations.’]


    [Joel 1:14 Proclaim a fast; call for a solemn assembly. Gather the elders together, with all the inhabitants of the land, To the house of Jehovah your God, and cry to Jehovah for help.]

    [Joel 2:17 “Between the porch and the altar let the priests, the ministers of Jehovah, weep and say, ‘Do feel sorry, O Jehovah, for your people, and do not make your inheritance a reproach, for nations to rule over them. Why should they say among the peoples: “Where is their God?”’ 18 And Jehovah will be zealous for his land and will show compassion upon his people.]

    [Joel 3:1 “For, look! in those days and in that time, when I shall bring back the captive ones of Judah and Jerusalem, 2 I will also collect together all the nations and bring them down to the low plain of Je·hosh´a·phat; and I will put myself on judgment with them there on account of my people and my inheritance Israel, whom they scattered among the nations; and they apportioned out my own land.]

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