One of the best vid's I've ever seen for debunking and disproving Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • StoneWall

    Nellis I agree totally about there being thousands of videos out there if someone is willing to look because i personally have checked out probably close to the hundred mark if not higher.
    That is why I give this one a passing mark.
    I knew just the fact that this was done by a "Pastor" that somewhere along the lines he'd get in a jab or two about what he believes because after all he is in front of his congregation.
    But the thing that impressed me about it was he went all the way from C.T. Russell (first prez of the WT society) down through 1914,1925 dates along with the predictions,speculations and other outlandish things the Society had said/written with the quotes and documentaion to back it up, then all the way up to the 1975 fiasco and beyond without making it seem like Information Overload to me.
    All within a time frame of some 40+ minutes. (Less time than the average public talk at a Kingdom Hall years ago)

    Mickey mouse I also agree with your comment about the interest starting about the 7 minute mark.
    I like to post the whole vid so no one can make the argument I edited something out etc..
    Basically the first few minutes are him exchanging greetings,pleasantries and being cordial with his congregation.
    I personally didn't have a problem with that but in the interest of time if any want to skip the first approx. 7 minutes and get into the discussion about JW's please feel free to do so.
    Even though I'm not a believer or religious it still is nice for me to see people treat others with humanity and respect whether they are Theist/Atheist or Deist. So the first few minutes not being in-depth discussion did not bother me in the least but i understand everyone's time is limited and valuable.

    Also thanks to everyone for your comments and feedback.
    My hope is if this Pastor can deliver something like this that others will do so at their respective places of worship to keep many other families from becoming enslaved to the JW's (WTBTS)
    It at the very least may give them the ammo they need to use to either protect their family or use to make the person knocking on their door re-think what they "know" about their Organization.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Pete, does this mean that you are praying for all people who do not believe exactly what you do to die as all JW are doing? And with that, do you, aside from the false prophesies believe that it is morally acceptable to wish for al people to be burned in Jehovah]s fire.

    I don't know where you'd get that idea from my comment but to answer your question, NO I am not hoping praying or wishing for any harm to come to anyone for any reason. I'm not even sure there is a God, and if I prayed to him I certainly wouldn't pray that those who don't believe as I do will die in any manner let alone burned in "Jehovah's fire" (whatever that means).

    All I said was that I thought the video was interesting, he made some good points. When it comes to explaining the trinity, I don't believe any explanation of it but I do find the JW explanation the easiest to comprehend. Perhaps this is only because I was raised JW. I liked the video until the end where he began praying and rather than talking to God, he was preaching to the audience and recapping what he had already said in his sermon.

    I'm not sure where your comment is coming from.

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