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    Yes, you are on the cycle that we are all on.

    1. hatred of anyone who dares defame "jehoober's" name

    2. Grudgingly admitting that even a stopped clock is right twice a day; then admitting that the apostates MAY POSSIBLY be right about something.

    3. Admitting more and more to yourself, things that just weren't right.

    4. DENIAL. Trying to convince yourself that just because the JWs are wrong about SOME things doesn't nullify all of their value.

    5. ANGER. At "Jehovah's Holy Organization" that has so destroyed families, and probably yours.

    6. ACCEPTANCE. You were a part of a cult.

    7. HEALING.

    You will go back and forth between 4-7 for years.


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Hi Integ, I get to read so many threads that I forget to know who's who. I'm glad that LDH took the initiative to encourage you to remain on this forum.

    Don't worry about the one or two on this forum that think the world revolves around them, and if you don't meet their criteria of belief and thinking your scum, well, it is my 'desire' to meet these people in person, believe me, and it will be a surprise.

    Anyways feel free to say wha'cha wanna say and if someone gets on your case, we'll back you up.

    Guest 77

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