Were You Surprised You Remained a JW As Long As You Did?

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  • waton

    In case you are waiting to come back, for the whole mess to be cleared up back, remember, it took "Jesus" 10 days to reach heaven, and send the HS, The universe is expanding, it might take way longer for your hopes to come true.

    Correcting it all, starting with Genesis 1:1 false Earth beginning to the "soon" in Rev. 22.

  • Chook

    I do get angry at myself for not seeing the light soon enough but better late than never, who knows without the internet I could be still drinking Mr Letts koolaid. Information is king , I do feel sad for ones who haven't got the ability to search the internet for the truth, but that being said most have the ability now to search. It's its draconian rules toward family members who leave that wake up many . Some say by being on this forum is not freeing themselves from the cult but I disagree, it's only one who were trapped that can fully empathise. We have so much in common because of our Jw heritage that is why I truly believe this forum has prevented some from killing themselves. But WT has directly influenced some to top themselves.


    Were You Surprised You Remained a JW As Long As You Did?


    I had wait until at least, I was out of diapers.


    "Where`s My Damn Gun?!"

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  • Mixy

    No. Because i was scared to leave. I knew I would end up with no friends and family and be shunned. It took a long time(years) for me to mentally prepare to leave and be strong enough to cope with the consequences. Born into the truth, baptized at 16. Married at 22. Ended up with 4 beautiful daughters. I was about 40 when i left. Now divorced, family shunning me. Really difficult as I have no friends but I am grateful I have my freedom and not afraid anymore. Now that I have been able to research the organisation my eyes are open now to just how bad it truly is. Did not have that knowledge when i was young.

  • LostGeneration

    Yes, definitely. I explored apostate ideas when I was in my late teens. But the mind control was strong. Became and elder in my early 30s and then a few years after finally saw it was all bull. Wasted almost 20 years more than necessary.

  • joe134cd

    Yup 40 years for me before I realized it was all bull. With in about 18 months of realizing TTATT I walked out of the KH for good.

  • KiwiBoy

    Joe we were so close and yet so far......I knew what you now know many years ago....what a pity we did not see that...think of you every day.....stay strong!!

  • joe134cd

    Thanks kiwi

  • smiddy

    When I look back now yes I am surprised I stayed in as long as I did..I had signs that things were not what they seemed in the ealiest years of my conversion .The trouble is I wanted to believe it was true despite the warning signs.And i brushed those things aside because Jehovah would sort it out in due time.

    After my eventuall exit 33 years later and getting a PC did I learn more about the WT/JW religion than I ever new as a sincere believer.

    Thankfully the internet has also taught me a helluva lot about the Bible that I never knew as a believing JW.

  • jookbeard
    no! I lasted far less time than I thought I would , baptised in 1988 aged 22 (born in) and for I time I felt quite content and was in for the long haul, the marriage cracks first ( married in 1990) and my own doubts put me on a fade in which I was never going to recover from

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