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  • LongHairGal


    Wow, how awful to be somebody at an advanced age and be ‘forced’ to do an activity of door to door in order to fake it because of being in too deep! Talk about a lifetime of slavery.

    I am so grateful I have been FREE and able to be my own person and not somebody ELSE’s person. I took my lumps for it but it is priceless.

    It is bad enough a young teenager is compelled to be in servitude because of not being able to be independent YET, but not somebody that old!!! I’m sorry for this woman.

  • sporece

    The best advise is at 17 do the best to get an education so that when you are ready to cut the cord and say good bye to the Watchtower you have a skill or education to be on your own.

    Fake it until you are ready to be in a good position.

    Life is much better when you can pay the bills and not get stressed out.

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