Why I constantly write letters to the Watchtower Society

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  • UnshackleTheChains

    Hi all.

    For many years now, I have been writing letters to bethel in New York and London. I have also written to the charity commission, the BBC and more to highlight the harmful teachings and policies of the Watchtower Society.

    I realise that some may view this as futile and understand why they might feel this way,; especially considering the pharisaical stonewall-like attitude displayed by the leadership of watchtower.

    Some reasons I do so is because I feel that constructive criticism is essential in helping to bring about change. It also helps organisations to move forward (even if it is the Watchtower Society).

    For me personally, as like many others, I truly want to see an end to the harmful policies and teachings of watchtower. Actively doing something, whether it be writing, phoning, making videos, respectfully demonstrating etc all adds up.

    My aim is not to destroy the watchtower society,. I respect people's beliefs. My hope and aim is to end the reppressive culture within the watchtower organisation.

    I will say though, unless watchtower starts making some drastic changes soon, unless they start accepting constructive criticism and listen to what their members are saying, they will simply implode! Currently, they are taking a battering for so many issues ranging from child abuse scandals to the issue of shunning, to needless death's as a result of their blood policy...and much more.

    It's interesting that most of the critisicm is coming from within, whether current or ex members.

    Let's hope change comes soon.

  • slimboyfat

    Letters are powerful. You never know who will read them or what effect they will have. They take on a life of their own.

    Plus we sometimes assume everyone knows what we do. Or that people high in the organisation have "heard it all before". It's not always true. Sometimes people can have astonishing blind spots. And Watchtower seems to be an organisation that particularly lacks introspection and self-criticism.

    I agree with you completely that Watchtower can and must change. Especially shunning. The rest will follow if that one reform is made.

    Good luck.

  • Ding

    Have you had any unpleasant visits from elders as a result of your letters?

  • Saename

    I do think that writing letters to the Watchtower itself is futile. Those who are still faithful members will simply ignore your constructive criticism because that's what Jehovah's Witnesses do. They won't accept criticism unless it comes from the Governing Body. They have been conditioned to hold apostates in the highest contempt. Now, the Governing Body itself will ignore it as well because they don't give a shit. I used to accept, at the very least, the possibility that the Governing Body members genuinely believe what they preach. However, I've come to think now that they don't actually believe this stuff.

    The lies, the manipulative tactics, the reluctance to change obviously harmful policies (such as forcing child sexual abuse victims to face their abusers): these are the things done by those who want to exploit naive, unsuspecting and innocent people. The Governing Body will not change their policies as a result of constructive criticism because they don't want to change. If they did care about change, they would've removed their policy to force abused kids to face their abusers long time ago of their own accord. It's the type of policy that everyone knows is extremely harmful. However, they changed that only because of the ARC. What that means is that to make change, you have to force them to change. Outside pressure is the only thing that works on them, unfortunately.

  • zeb

    In my early days, 'in' I wrote a few mild letters querying this or that and one of the things I said was that everything comes from top down there is no protocol in place to allow input from the floor ..up. Little did I know.

    Yes your letters may touch a few at the correspondence desk but from all I have read here and in personal accounts of bethelites they wont get with in a bulls roar of any of the gb because no one at bethel will dare to be the bringer of bad news and the gb live in their own la la land. Now what happens when their predictions go up set they blame the faithful, think of the '75 debacle and what went on in Malawi. This unbridled arrogance is on a par with Hitler who at the end was directing his missiles and Luftwaffe to destroy key sites within Germany as he said "the people have betrayed me."

    ..and my letters as with yours if answered will be answered with a rubber stamp signature.. they will NOT ever sign off so as to avoid any legal obligation.

    The ARC was a quantum revelation. No one who watched the twisting and lies and utter incompetence of elders giving evidence could ever believe that the wt is or has ever been any org guided by the holy spirit.

    Peace live long prosper.

  • steve2

    You sound like a respectful individual who cares about how you come across. You certainly do not come across like a loose canon who would do more harm than good in your letters. I've seen some letters sent in to JW organization and my first thought is, "How will you ever reach anybody with that approach? You simply confirm the organization's worst judgement against those who leave!" Yiu do not come across like that.

    Each to their own is my motto. Besides as others have said, Who knows who your letters may reach and help see your justifiable concerns?

    All power to you! 👏👏👏👏👏

  • BluesBrother

    I used to write, but had be careful in view of family and not wishing to invite d/f' ing...

    It was mainly over issues like the lapse of time since 1914 and latterly the 'generation' explanation. I got exactly what I expected - polite plattitudes and fob-offs .

    We )elders) ( were once addressed by an instructor who had once had the job of replying to mail . His attitude was " Well, you have to say something! "

  • Xanthippe

    Trying to make positive change in the world is never futile. We have power, we should use it.

  • smiddy3

    It`s a waste of time and effort to write letters to the Watchtower Society ,they will just fall on deaf ears and end up in the garbage bin with nobody of any importance in the organization even seeing your letters.

    However letters to the media ,local and national ,.current affairs journalists ,and social issues journalists could very well take up the baton if enough letters reach their desks.

    Also letters to local politicians in either state or federal ,if enough letters are received could make an impact and either expose or embarrass the JW doctrine of the WT.into making some changes.

    I too have done some letters but believe I could/should do a lot more.

    Then again with the findings of the ARC into JW`s and their handling of child sexual abuse cases ,didn`t the ARC find 70 recommendations they wanted JW/WT organization to address ? and the WT Society took issue with everyone of them ?

    I haven`t heard anything back since that doozy. some months ago.

    UTC ,dont get me wrong I applaud you for trying I just think writing to the WTS and expecting change is throwing pearls before swine.

  • slimboyfat

    Watchtower may possibly be more open to suggestions now that they are in a weak position financially and organisationally. Old attitudes die hard of course, but with new circumstances you never know.

    I've sometimes wondered how an enquiry would be answered that included two questions: 1) I have some assets I want to know how to donate and 2) have you considered stopping shunning because it harms people and pushes people away rather than attracting them back. Cynical? I suppose. But why not? It's not as if they are immune from cynicism in their own dealings.

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