My Bible Study Is Wide Awake To The TTATT

by James Jack 13 Replies latest jw experiences

  • smiddy

    I agree WingCommander , something just doesn`t ring true.

    How about some explanations James Jack to clarify some of your comments,? So as their is no misunderstanding ?


  • James Jack
    James Jack


    I guess you just don't it! 35 years of Conditioning is a strong pull.

    As for myself, I need a Moral Compass. I'm afraid without it, I would become a terrible mess like I was before I became a Witness. I have read many experiences on this Board where individuals where after exiting JW's, returned(Farkel for one), returned to a life of Fornication and drug abuse. That would be me. Also remember, I was truly indoctrinated, with many "Privileges" with this Organization.

    But who knows, I often dream of just walking away from it all. If my wife got to this point, it would be easier.

  • just fine
    just fine
    I don't mean this to come off rude, but there are a lot of less destructive places you can get spiritual guidance from if that is what you want. And just because you don't attend the KH doesn't mean you can't have values that are intrinsic to you and not imposed upon you from the Watchtower. You don't have to drink or "sin" in any other way if you don't want to.
  • JWdaughter
    I have a family member that this.'s the org is what keeps her straight. It's her version of AA I think. I bet if James Jack got some counseling from someone sensible and down to earth, he would be able to realize that the religion is not saving him OTOH it's kind of like his blankie. You know, the one that served a purpose with the soft plush and the silken border. . They get washed hundreds of times after being peed on and barfed on and walked on and slept with. . .until you realize you don't have a blanket any .more. you have good memories, but all that is left is a few fraying inches of the binding border. You grew up and you don't need the comfort anymore. It isn't even comforting anymore. It is actually. . A rag. Trash.

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