Does anyone have any fashion sense? Getting Married. Help?

by RavenPearl 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • sparrowdown

    Damn, Prince in that white suit is subzero cool.

  • Finkelstein

    Don't dress like Prince, he dressed too feminine

    Weddings are usually formal affairs with Brides wearing white, with that in mind men always look good in black with white shirts and black ties.

    Black also goes with anything woman are wearing in dresses of various colors.

    Take off the tie after the ceremony and your good to go.

  • ShirleyW

    I'm just wondering how old you are, and

    has your bride to be offered any input as to what you will be wearing since the guys in the wedding will be walking down the aisle with the bridesmaids? Or , are you having no bridal party?

  • RavenPearl

    Listener: Thank you for your concern. She doesn't get upset easily. She knows I have a good fashion sense when I need to impress and doesn't get upset over the whole thing. The reason I do not wish to tell her because there's a few surprises she is going to get for her wedding day. All of which I am aware she will be happy about.

    1) Few songs sung to her and guitar solo's

    3) few other unmentionables

    She is not a bridezilla. When I say she is very understandable, slow to anger, and very open to changes, as is her family, I really mean it. Unfortunately this sounds like all the cliche's you hear people saying about the person they're marrying. But we've been together for 7 years, living together for 6. We've gotten to know each other and understanding what upsets each other pretty well.

    Pale.employer: I agree with you that is not a bad idea. But I do know that she wouldn't openly acknowledge her view for the simplistic but suave view of your recommendation. But I have a feeling she would be much more impressed and feel like she had a memorable wedding with a few surprises. I'll that in mind in case I can't find what I'm looking for. That is a great idea. I didn't even think of it. I'm going to have to investigate! Thank you.

    Lou- I went ahead and opened this discussion with her mother. She already thinks that's a great idea and is sorta helping but I do not wish to overwhelm her to help me on top of what she's already doing with my fiance.

    scratchme- Oh yes, good advice. Believe me if i'm going to spend a good 700 bucks on a custom made outfit, it'll be EXACTLY what I want. I have long hair too, down to my hips. Going to get my hair done as well, not chopped off, just very presentable in the long hair department for guys. I'm a rocker at heart, goatee (i'm sure you get the pic).

    Finkel~Oh don't get me wrong. I don't want to dress like Prince. He's not my hero or anything like that. I just realized his style is very similar to what I personally feel okay with. I don't mind wearing something that's little bit risky, obviously i'm not going to show up in a blouse and skirt. I'm not going to do any 'make up' or anything. But the blue and white outfit fits me, the black and red fits me. I feel comfortable in them enough to have the confidence to pull it off. Screw social conventions. Of course her mother will see the outfit and give her stamp of approval in the end.

    ShirleyW - LOL LOL I must sound like a 9 year old huh? "I wanna dress like Prince!!!!!" I don't want to dress like him lol. And keep in mind, it's the STYLE that i've been attempting to describe to my friends and family that prince nailed on the head of the nail with those few outfits. I do not like ALL of prince's styles. I mean can you imagine I come out with a yellow spandex suit with the butt area cut out with giant circular holes for my tush and no underwear? lol no no no It's the style I see in those few outfits he picks. ...And I'm 34 years old.

    My fiance's the one that's pushing for me to wear the traditional culture's outfit for the ceremony =/ more than anyone else! She's seen the one that I picked and just swooned over it. "OMG you'll look like A prince! YOU GOTTA wear that! " etc... She loves the idea about the ceremony indian outfit.

  • JWdaughter

    Make a case for everyone going personal/comfy after ceremony and pics.She might actually enjoy complementing your look.. Some surprises are more welcome than others.

  • Listener

    raven pearl thanks for clearing that up.

    You will need to think about colour coordinating with your wife.

    Go to some fashionable boutiques and try a variety of clothes on. Take some photos discreetly. They often won't let you do this so you might have to take the photos in the change room. Note the material. Your body shape has to be taken into account and you won't get the overall picture of what looks sauve on you if you can't see it on yourself. Also sit down with the outfit on.

    The Wedding outfit you are going to wear is charming and I agree with your fiancée, you will look like a prince.

    From a females perspective, she will remember how you looked on this special day forever. It is a lovely gesture, all the thought you are putting into it.

  • Heartsafire

    Hi there! I have to say that I love the traditional wedding clothes you have to wear. Sorry, but I really do! I bet you will look very handsome in them. You have amazing taste in clothes--very bold and daring. Prince's outfits were obviously custom made, so finding something similar will not be easy. It may be worth your time to visit an upscale bridal shop that can either tailor-make a wedding reception jacket and shirt for you or perhaps order one in a similar style. Try googling custom-designed dinner jacket. The traditional dinner jacket is today's modern day tuxedo. However, there are plenty of interpretations of this in the fashion world. Good luck, and congratulations on getting married!

  • DesirousOfChange

    I have my wedding outfit figured out and according to my ethnicity it is important for me to wear my culture's outfit during the ceremony. HOWEVER! I do not associate myself with my culture. In fact I despise my culture. Anyway, I have no problem tailoring my own personal culture's outfit for the ceremony in accordance with my culture,

    That's as far as I read. I'm already so f*cking confused, but not as badly as I suspect you are. Good luck.

  • babygirl30

    I myself am getting married in 9 months, and I would be DAMNED if my fiance did not 'run' his fashion ideas by ME! Not that I would pick out his outfit, but I sure as Hell am not about to be embarrassed by a lack of fashion sense. So please - talk to your fiance!

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