Does anyone have any fashion sense? Getting Married. Help?

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  • RavenPearl

    I am a man and I have roughly 10 months to prepare for my wedding (including raising the funds etc... My fiance is caught up in her affairs associated with the wedding. Now I do have a pretty good sense of fashion when it comes to 'dress to impress' when required. However, I'm not familiar with specific clothing lines. I HATE the traditional Tux idea.

    I understand most of you reading will not respond, and that is alright. I appreciate you reading either way.

    I have my wedding outfit figured out and according to my ethnicity it is important for me to wear my culture's outfit during the ceremony. HOWEVER! I do not associate myself with my culture. In fact I despise my culture. Anyway, I have no problem tailoring my own personal culture's outfit for the ceremony in accordance with my culture, make it suave etc.. However, I do not wish to wear that for the rest of the night. After the ceremony, at the reception, I want to feel more comfortable. So I wish to (without my fiance's knowledge) change my outfit so I am not wearing my culture's wedding.

    I have always attempted to describe what I think I wish to mature my style of clothing to others and have always had difficulty describing it to people. First was Niles from the tv show Frasier, but he didn't quite cut it. He had a nerdy quality to it (suspenders etc..) and I did not like that.

    Here's where I need a person with fashion sense, and designer product. There is a very VERY specific style I am going for post-ceremony. Sophisticated, suave, dapper, NOT pimp. um...think Prince at the 2004 George Harrison induction. I feel his style is EXACTLY what I'm talking

    I really like this outfit, but obviously If I can't find those specific designers (I know it's probably custom made but SOMEONE did it) that would be very helpful. If that shirt, coat style, etc... has specific names attached (half trench coat?), I would greatly appreciate help from all of you. Note that the coat/suitjacket is longer on his right side, and normal on his left side) I've tried hunting this down and to no avail.

    Again, more examples of the style. But I'm thinking the above is perfect.

    This is the traditional outfit I must wear for ceremony:

    Is there anyone out there willing to help a man put together his reception outfit? I have nothing to offer you except complete appreciation for this unselfish act of your kindness.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Simon

    Isn't this why Pinterest was invented?

  • RavenPearl

    I'm not familiar with Pinterest. It looks like it's just a bunch of people posting pictures and saying how cool something is. I also am not involved in social media stuff. My facebook is just a random name of something, no pictures, uploads, or status updates,'s only there to look for past friends. That's pretty much it. I don't go on it. I don't have a twitter, anything. I'm a lil ol' fashion and came to talk to real people and individuals that read and I can connect on a little on given the history of this website and my 5 screennames lol. I'm already overwhelmed with stuff, I just needed to ask questions and get answers. I don't really wanna figure out all this social media stuff just to ask a few questions. Anyone?

  • Simon

    Yes, I hear it's big for fashion ideas etc... thought it might be useful if you wanted ideas.

  • RavenPearl


    You're awesome but I have the idea already. I just don't know specific clothing names. For example Trench coat vs suit coat etc.. Is there a specific name for the shirt in the first few pictures? ...etc.. that way I can google that and find it in all the different colors and match it with, whatever coat that is in it's color...etc..I hope what i'm saying make sense. I tend to have difficulty describing things periodically.

    Note the collar is raised. In the last picture of prince (white and blue outfit) the collar is very sophisticated and looks very nice with outfit and not the traditional white suit shirt. things like that.

  • Listener

    The person you should be talking to is your fiance, do you really intend to upset her within an hour of getting married?

  • pale.emperor

    A black suit and skinny black tie with a white shirt has never failed me. You'd look suave anywhere wearing that. (Love the ceremony outfit by the way).

  • respectful_observer

    If you live in/near a metropolitan city, you may want to investigate the Thai/Indian/Hong Kong tailors that come to town for a day or two, take your measurements, let you pick the fabric and custom details (jacket lining color, working cuffs, etc.) and mail you the custom made item a few weeks later. Cost-wise, they are competetive with a nice off-the-rack suit from a department store.

    If they're not coming "to a city near you", they can mail fabric samples and have a local tailor take your measurements for them.

    That way you get EXACTLY what you want. Their websites show some more standard designs for reference, but they will do any design you want. A few links to get you started:

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to
    I think the outfit with the blue jacket and open neck shirt is classy but as Listner said talk to your fiance hers is the main opinion the one that truly matters yes I know you want to surprise her but surely you can find out what she likes without her knowing what your plan is
  • scratchme1010

    My suggestion, and I hope my gay license doesn't get revoked for this, look at fashion websites and magazines. Look for styles and looks where you see yourself. You will make the right choice if you trust your taste and common sense (yes, people, common sense exists).

    Also, you can still look sloppy in the best outfit if you don't take care of the details. Make sure it fits well, it's clean, neat, ironed and new (or newish). Everything in its place. No too long/short sleeves, not too wide for you pants, hem at the right length. The outfit itself is only one part of the equation. I don't think I have to tell you to shave and shower properly too, but I just did.

    Of course, consider that it's your wedding, that you want to look sharp, and that most of the beauty will be focused on the bride.

    Good luck.

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