Who of us has ever thought, 'What's the point? I'm going to die anyway'

by Funchback 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • careful

    I knew a bro. whom I helped to baptism and beyond. He later left his wife for other women and was DFed. i called on him and he had the notion you voiced. "Well, I'm going to be destroyed at Armageddon. What's the point? At least I now know I won't be tormented in some hell."

  • Londo111

    Yes, I got to the point where I thought I was going to be destroyed. Every Watchtower study, every assembly, was telling me I was doomed for very trivial reasons.

    So I got to the point where it didn't seem to matter anymore. My fault was then feeling guilty, trying to go back and putting my head in the lion's mouth. But that helped me wake up in the end.

  • HbgDude

    No, whenever I wanted to do something that was Un JW-like my reasoning would be that " I know every seat-warming JW must be into something that's just as bad as what I want to do".

    For example, I can't be the only JW smoking pot. Or I can't be the only JW sneaking around having sex with women I'm not married to, etc

    I never took seriously being destroyed at armageddon.

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