How Did You Feel When.......

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  • Vivamus

    When I was an active Dub, it happened twice in my cong. The first person DA's herself, and rumors were that she did it cuz she wanted to have gangbangs [ugh, what a bunch of hypocrits were we], so I felt it was okay that he hould be shunned.

    The other person was DF cuz she'd commited adultery, and I know about it, so didn't feel bad for her, did feel bad for her hubby tho...

    Then, as I was on the track to become Satan's sidekick, , there was an entire wave of DF-íng inactive people. I didn't really care, cuz I didn't know those people, and because I was in deep trouble myself.

  • rocketman

    I guess in some cases a lot depends on how much we may have known about the circumstances surrounding the dfing or reproof.

    Viv, I like that "Satan's sidekick" designation, lol!

  • Descender

    I don't like to admit it now, being the fact that I ended up being disfellowshipped twice myself, but when I was young and I heard that someone in the congregation had been disfellowshipped, I was so mad at them, it was on the verge of hate. When I was a kid I just couldn't understand how anyone could go against Jehovah's righteous law. Strange how they could go from a person I liked that day to a person that I hated that evening after the service meeting when I didn't even have a clue what their offense was. I never felt sorry for the individual at all. I guess karma came and bit me in the ass, because I eventually understood exactly what being disfellowshipped felt like. I don't imagine everyone was sad when they heard a disfellowshipping, I know plenty that said they were mad. Of couse most that say that were pretty young at the time.

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