How Did You Feel When.......

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  • rocketman
    rocketman was announced to the congregation that someone was df'd or reproved?

  • be wise
    be wise

    To be honest it was always a big shock, the hall would murmer because you knew you could never treat them like a human being again, I was very young as I remember this.

    How f~#king sad.

    I can't believe this organisation made me have such a disgusting view of other people, I never felt right about the way I was made to feel and act towards these people from being very young, it makes me sick even thinking about it!

    Governing Body WTS FREAKS!

  • rocketman

    This sounds bad, but when I was an elder, part of me looked forward to the announcement. When we were in JC hearings, I'd almost hope that we'd announce something. Why? Well, my view was that the congregation would know that the elders had acted, as if we were 'heroes' keeping the congregation clean. It sounds terrible, but I actually felt that way. I had no real clue as to how it felt to be on the receiving end of such announcements. As a result, it was easy to lack empathy for what we were about to put a publisher and his/her family through by announcing a df'ing or a reproof.

  • shamus

    Sorry to say, but I cried. (wuss)

    It was a friend of mine, and I felt so bad. I felt bad for him.

  • lv4fer


  • els

    I never ever felt like it was the right thing to do. It felt like we were turning our backs on them when they needed support the most. It had alot to do with why I left. els

  • JH

    I felt as if God's holy spirit had spoken and the elders took the right decision. The congregation was cleansed.

    What a fool to believe that???

    Often it was the good guys that left, the ones that were victims of the Tower.

  • berylblue
    berylblue was announced to the congregation that someone was df'd or reproved?


  • Sentinel

    I felt so badly for that person, and I had great empathy for them. I did not want to take part in the shunning, as I felt it didn't show love at all. Since this affected my relationship with my own sibblings, it was extremely difficult. Due to circumstances, we became all but estranged. This was due to their feelings of being unacceptable, and their choices of lifestyle. The breech was so deep, and it affected all of us. At no time did I feel superior to them. My heart ached for us to be a real family. As we grew up, married and had children, our lives were "in and out of the organization". We were totally dysfunctional.

    In my own mind, at the time, I remember thinking that if "I", as a mere human could show love and compassion for someone who had "sinned" or just believed differently AFTER being baptised, why did the JW's dictate that "they" (representing god's feelings on the matter) could not. I was quite young when I had these responses.

    Since those days, my sibblings and I have reconnected and are having a wonderful time "catching up" and enjoying being family. We are each enjoying our freedom to the full.

    Thanks for this thread, Rocketman. You should get lots of interesting responses.

  • TresHappy

    Well first I felt sorry for the individual. Then I started thinking...what did they nosey and silly of me.

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