New member + anyone attended/seen the Zone Visit?

by Isambard Crater 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • Isambard Crater
    Isambard Crater

    Good question, Lostandfound! Loads of J.W's in my congregation are excited about giving up their time and resources for Chelmsford this year and next!

    Stupid question maybe, but is the Zone Visit broadcast the U.K's getting the same as what the Netherlands had last week, or different?

  • Landy

    Why cant you quit, you're a grown adult aren't you?

    Learning to say no is an important life skill.

    Bizarre, isn't it? It's the one thing that's amazed me since I've started coming here.

  • ToesUp

    "There are loads of people on this forum and on the exJW Reddit thing who are still in for family or other similar reasons and would love to get out but can't.."

    WT....a truly captive organization. Sad.

  • Landy

    WT....a truly captive organization. Sad.

    A prison where the bars are purely in people's minds.

  • Xanthippe

    Hi and welcome IC. Good to know another one is awake. It sounds ideal for you to leave if your husband isn't a JW. If this is damaging your health, especially your mental health it sounds like you need to make plans to fade soon.

  • Isambard Crater
    Isambard Crater

    Thank you Xanthippe !

    It's pretty much my parents who I'm staying in for. They know how bad my mental and physical health is but just can't see that the religion is even 1% to blame. I know for sure it'd break their hearts if I left again, because it broke their hearts when I drifted away as an unbaptised publisher in my 20's.

  • Searril

    My husband's not a J.W. but if I successfully fade I would still never be able to get involved in celebrations on his side of the family though.

    Why not? I'm just thinking if your husband's side of the family were having a holiday party or something it's not like your parents would be there.

  • Isambard Crater
    Isambard Crater

    Searril, I was thinking more along the lines of if I started helping him put up Christmas decorations (personally I love Christmas carols and coral music at that time of year, for example) and going to his nephews' birthday parties, someone is bound to find out soon enough, like an elder or someone in the congregation who spies me joining in something.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    You really need to open your eyes to the bigger picture here instead of just living your life trying to please your parents while your own life is destroying you. How long will it be before they are dead an you can claim your freedom? You only have one life, there is no point in wasting it trying to please others in a cult where nothing you do is ever really good enough anyway. That is such a wasted life.

  • pale.emperor

    Welcome to the forum. If needs must I could go to the KH if it's being broadcast and secretly film it. Wifi bandit usually has leaked stuff perhaps he can help.

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