New member + anyone attended/seen the Zone Visit?

by Isambard Crater 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • Isambard Crater
    Isambard Crater

    I'm a new Member so wanted to say 'hi'. I live in the U.K, was born in, fell away as an unbaptised publisher, got baptised in my 30s for reasons I'm retrospectively unsure of, and lost my faith about five years ago around the time of the original A.R.C. Now, being unable to leave is making me physically, emotionally and mentally ill.

    I have been visiting this forum for a couple of years and wanted to post my first message to see if anyone has attended, heard or watched the Zone Visit broadcast thing happening this month? I believe the Netherlands had it last Saturday and I know the U.K is getting it this Saturday and Sunday.

  • Onager

    Hi Isambard Crater,

    I'm also in the UK so I wouldn't have seen the broadcast yet.

    I also wouldn't be seen dead inside a kingdom hall so that's a double whammy!

  • Isambard Crater
    Isambard Crater

    I thought maybe someone might have relatives in Europe who have told them what the zone visit is about, or maybe the contents had been leaked or something. Sounds like I will have to wait until and endure it this coming weekend :-(

  • punkofnice

    Welcome IC.

    I believe the 2 or 3 hour long propaganda session is scheduled for this Saturday in my neck of the woods, Cambridgeshire. It's content is a mystery...probably begging for money.

    Like Onager, wild horses wouldn't drag me back to any meetings. A million quid would tempt me though.

  • Isambard Crater
    Isambard Crater

    I really, really don't want to go to the K. Hall to watch the broadcast either but like I say I'm still in so need to go to keep family and the congregation from talking, as I attend 75% of meetings and still put in a small ministry each month to keep the elders off my back.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Why cant you quit, you're a grown adult aren't you?

    Learning to say no is an important life skill.

  • Isambard Crater
    Isambard Crater

    There are loads of people on this forum and on the exJW Reddit thing who are still in for family or other similar reasons and would love to get out but can't...

  • alanv

    Just go spiritually sick. If and when anyone asks just say you have some personal problems to deal with. Providing you are not speaking against the governing body they cant do anything to you. Fading is still quite possible if you do it in the right way. Certainly better than living a lie for the rest of your life

  • Lostandfound

    Is this a real zone Visit by heavies from Warwick or just video stuff

    I keep expecting the UK Branch to be sidelined further. News of such a Loving Arrangement normally given to Branch by heavies from HO. What is new facility for if printing, distribution and treasury moved already, I really believe the special stature of the Britain branch due to be curbed.

  • Isambard Crater
    Isambard Crater

    It's good to know fading is still possible, even if the latest A.R.C stuff and last year's convention have hinted at faders being shunned, more or less. My husband's not a J.W. but if I successfully fade I would still never be able to get involved in celebrations on his side of the family though.

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