Regional Convention

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  • WingCommander
    My last DC was in Philadelphia, 1994, or possibly 1996. Wow, 20 years ago already? Time flies when you get a life? My last Circuit Assembly at the Grantville Assembly Hall was around 2000 perhaps. Bored out of my mind. No one gave a crap about me or my mom. We weren't in their uppity spiritual or economic "cliques", so no one cared, no one missed us. I am more convinced then ever that the cult is filled with social retards. I don't miss any of them, and the ones I do miss were the older, elderly types whom my parents studied with in the late 70's and early 80's, all of whom have long since passed away. Hey, I thought that generation wasn't supposed to pass away? Thanks alot for the lies, WT cult!
  • BeautifulMind
    This will be my first time not going too. Last year we were mentally out for just a few weeks, but went because it was my in-laws convention too and my husband wasn't ready to spill the beans, which was fine. We left early all three days and walked around with our kids most of the program.
  • crazy_flickering_light
    First time I try to avoid it. While I'm full (fake) in at this time, I hope that my plans will work and I don't have to go.
  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2
    Went last summer Montreal assembly for a last ditch attempt at starting up again. Felt ill during the WT drone session ran out of auditorium almost fainted, some type of panic attack - low blood suger then drove out knowing full well I would never set foot there again. I did see some cute women in over tight dresses was the high point of it all.
  • Ucantnome
    i went up to 75 and then in 89 and the occasionally session in between those years and after till I left
  • clearpoison

    This year I feel kind of tempted going. There will be international convention at the very same venue where I was baptised for many, many, many and even more many years ago in an international convention. But after some seconds of consideration I laugh at myself and stop daydreaming.


  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    After 35 years of conventions, including one national, 4 international, and one in a wall-less assembly hall across the world from home, this will be my first time not attending.

    But probably I'll go there during lunch to see some friends, kiss my wife, and have a totally crap reason to ride my motorcycle.

  • TheWonderofYou
    This year I feel kind of tempted going ....

    ...I did that some years ago with the result that

    I felt inconvenient, I had to hide my identy and played an interested person who for the first time attended a big convention, then I saw of course someone I knew distantly. I didnt want to meet someone of my former cong. I was assigned to a place next to a 10 year older couple from another part of the counry and they shared there songbook or wt with me. After the closing prayer they gave me there address.

    The drama about returning to God was emotional and I had tears in my eyes when we sang some new songs.

    Tears because the songs were emotional and I understood....

    I didnt want to return to JW ORG but understood really deep in this moments, that JW ORG doesnt have the truth about Jesus and that Jesus must even be very sad how they use Jehovah falsely as prophet of armagedon and over the fact that JW would perhaps never understand how much they are loved by the real father of eterny Jesus.

  • pronomono
    This will be my first year not going where my family actually know I didn't go. This past one was my first missed one, though. It feels quite liberating knowing that you're not wasting your entire weekend. Back when my wife still wanted to go, I tried going with her but the stress of being around judgemental, religious bigots was too unnerving. So I stopped and haven't been back since.

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