DFed talking to other DFed

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  • blownaway

    BB Fake News

  • sir82

    My time dates back 50+ years and I never heard of it either.

    That said, I can imagine, back in the 60's when there was less strict centralized control from the top, that there may have been an isolated circuit that decided it could do something like that "on it's own" at a circuit assembly, not at the direction of Bethel.

    My final verdict: very unlikely but faintly plausible.

  • blownaway

    I put this topic out on several other forums to see if anyone remembers this. Sounds like it was not wide spread or at the HQ direction.

  • amiable atheist
    amiable atheist

    In Germany there were certainly no "ribbons". In the Nazi concentration camps they had to wear these:

    In the sixties there were still a lot of JWs around who had been in a KZ (Konzentrationslager - concentration camp). They could/would have a sudden awakening, and WTorg knew it.

    And I've never seen nor have I been hinted at special assigned areas to avoid because of the concentrated evil apostates there: "Beware of this area, lest you catch the Demons' Flu."

  • scruffmcbuff

    Ive been to assemblies where i remember a reserved row for disfellowshiped folk. It was mostly teen mums.

  • Tallon

    I too have not come across this. Maybe this was something they tried locally and it never took off.

  • sparky1

    Anything is possible. However, I was Assistant Attendant Overseer back in the 1970's and we never had any instructions to corral or segregate any disfellowshipped persons. And I don't recall ever seeing anything such as an identifying ribbon either.

  • steve2

    Like more or hate me for saying this but there is simply no evidence that disfellowshipped individuals ever wore identifying ribbons, whether at local circuit or regional conventions. This could be due to a misremembered or misheard event in which a person constructs a new memory insisting it is correct. In neuropsychology, it is referred to as "confabulation" - a clearly wrong memory that is strongly believed to be correct.

  • _Morpheus

    Let me offer an alternative.. it seems you would have been pretty young and this was more than a few years ago... its very possible your confusing what was really going on having seen it through young eyes and now trying to make the memories fit your adult knowledge. Perhaps there was a df’d person who was wearing a ribbon by happenstance. Your mom warned you and it became a whole policy as you think back.

    Edit: Damn just saw steve already suggested this along with official jargon.

  • sparrowdown

    Never ever seen or heard of the ribbon thing.

    I always thought that D-effed people could be identified by a big D on their forhead just like in the show Red Dwarf the hologram was identified by a big H on his fro.

    Maybe we should send Sacha Baron Cohen to interview one of the GB about various forms of identification for the D-effed we might get some interesting candid answers. Lol.

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