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  • Akid48

    @jules Saturn

    I re typed it each time I tryed

  • deegee

    The Holy Spirit tried messing with me too.

    The process seems to stall in a loop saying "submitting post", but doesn't progress.

    This happened to me as well. But I thought the problem was with the browser so I closed the browser but when I returned to the site I noted that my topic was posted.

  • Simon
    But why is that each time it has a different title for the topic if you only tried posting it once?
    I re typed it each time I tryed

    Exactly - that's the giveaway that it's not a glitch, it's duplicate content being re-submitted.

    The throttling is there to protect against spam and idiots - so we don't come down one day to a million and 1 posts from someone. It also enforces the posting limits in a more gradual, fairer way - if someone is posting a lot then at some point it starts to slightly slow down the rate they appear so one person can't overwhelm the site.

    Also for robustness and reliability - if the system can't process a post it can still receive it and it will handle it when it can. Sometimes things can appear to stall which may be because there are lots of things being posted at once or it has to process images in a post etc... Once submitted, everything goes into a queue and *will* keep re-trying until it succeeds. Occasionally some things can truly get stuck because an image can't be handled for instance, if you think this has happened then let me know (but please, give it some time first, requests to check things you posted 30 seconds ago will almost certainly be ignored).

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    just wait on jehovah

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