The Organizations obsession with image.

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  • BourneIdentity

    As we all know, the highest priority or concern in the religion isn’t about adhering to God’s Word or obeying Jehovah and Jesus, but rather the image of the Organization and all its members.

    Just yesterday there was a talk where the brother stated how important it is to keep our homes clean, yards free of junk piling up and cars clean, because it could possibly detract from the message. Besides those things he mentioned, they want all males to never grow a beard or goatee. Always encouraging to dress modestly, can’t forget no spanx or tight pants either. Even in the publications where it shows JWs at home or doing family worship, the males in the house tend to have collared shirts on. Then there is the regular reminders how they are a spectacle before the nations and they need to be careful of everything they do and say while preaching door to door or on any other occasion.

    So with that being said, why is there absolutely no emphasis on its members from looking healthy and being an ideal weight or even slightly above that? I can’t tell you how many members are obese and it blows my mind that it’s not a concern to the Governing Body. How can a person feel this person preaching to them has all the answers to life when they outwardly show they cannot even take care of the body Jehovah gave them?

    I think I already know the answer. Encouraging people to take care of themselves would mean less time to worship the Organization. It would also mean that person starts to feel confident in him or herself. The Org would never want that!

    As far as I’m concerned, all these things they promote to give the Org a clean, professional image is like putting lipstick on a pig if the person is in need of some serious weight loss. Amazing they continue to publish gluttony is a disfellowshipping offense, yet never, ever act on that.

  • sir82

    In WT-world, appearances are literally everything.

  • tiki

    Thanks for the true..... I remember when we were still going to meetings there was an elder who was morbidly obese. He had to use crutches then got an electric chair. Would sit when giving talks or doing parts. There was a brother that made some noise about nowhere ...but that brother was sickened by the sight of the obese one and refused to attend if he was giving a talk or would leave the auditorium when he was conducting.... Anyway, the obese one died at a young age. And it is true...there is no admonition to care for ones health or body. Only the whimpering about how sick we are and how we can't wait for the new world cureall.

  • scruffmcbuff

    A spectacle to the world?

    Why do the jws think anyone even cares about them?!

  • BourneIdentity

    One thing I just realized is those ones getting counseled not to wear tight pants or spandex are most likely in good shape. I don’t know any heavy brothers that would wear tailor fit dress pants. Although heavy women could and do wear spandex, I’m sure most don’t want to reveal that while jogging in the neighborhood, where someone with a good figure would be more willing to.

    So isn’t it ironic how the ones in good health get chastised for either focusing less time on Jehovah and being too obsessed with their health and grooming and absolutely no counsel is ever unleashed on all the overweight and obese! As critical and judgemental as Tony Morris is, I pray for the day when he can give a morning worship or monthly broadcast and rip into people for not losing weight and looking like such slobs. The Dubs worship these guys and I think it would motivate them to get into shape.

  • truth_b_known


    You've hit the nail on the head. Especially on the obesity/gluttony point. The Bible defines gluttony as "over eating". Obesity easy easily identified. If you over eat you will be overweight. Gluttony is a sin and specifically mentioned in the Bible. Do you know what isn't specially mentioned? Smoking. Yet your will be disfellowshipped as a Witness if you do the latter and not if you are the former.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Emphasis on being fit might lead to some joining a gym. Imagine the problems that could lead to with all the tight spanx and sports bras. Plus there are all the naked people in the locker rooms. Surely a likely place for good, moral, young JW men and women to be seduced to "turn gay".

  • BourneIdentity

    Good point truth_b_known.

    Obesity is just as much harmful to your health as smoking, drinking and drugs are. It’s clear that people that are obese put food above their health, there is no other way around it. That is the definition of gluttony.

  • Tameria2001

    I remember the first time the whole appearance struck me as odd, was back when I was in high school, and before I was baptized. There was a young single brother in my congregation, and his sister came to visit him (for about a month). His sister was a regular pioneer at the time. I remember my mom having a fit because she was staying with him at his home, and how it did not look right that two single people be living together. Everyone knew who she was, including their neighbors, and no one thought anything about that.

    I'm not sure if there were any others in the congregation who had a fit about it, but I do know that a short time after that, the young brother disassociated himself, and immediately after that joined up with the military.

  • sir82

    As critical and judgemental as Tony Morris is, I pray for the day when he can give a morning worship or monthly

    broadcast and rip into people for not losing weight and looking like such slobs.

    In even the hyper-hypocritical Bethel world, Ol' Top Shelf Tony would not be the one they'd assign to give counsel on "not looking like a slob".

    Ol' Tight Pants is by far the most slovenly on the GB.

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