Lurkers: Is it true that no servant of Jehovah in the bible celebrated birthdays?

by juandefiero 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • cappytan
    @Juan. Hmmm....maybe I got the successive days idea from them. It's been a while. How about the tornado? If that was during such a feast the dubs would use it like all of the others.

    Remember who it was that caused the tornado? Jehovah gave Satan permission to test Job.

  • dubstepped
    Nice point^^^^^^^. Maybe Jehovah caused it because they celebrated birthdays, lol.
  • prologos
    How were they counting the days to arrive at their anniversaries, anni = 365.25, 360, days? -- not that it matters, as long, as there is a feast.
  • Crazyguy
    Nice find, the NIV Bible even says birthday. Whats the Hebrew word that your talking about?
  • whathappened
    I was watching CT Russell's famous film, " Photo Drama of Creation" on you tube and he actually mentions Job celebrating his sons birthday.
  • Phizzy

    It is quite amazing. the mental gymnastics that the JW/WT religion go through to argue against Job and family enjoying Birthday celebrations. Which they may or may not have done of course.

    Job was not a Jew/Hebrew so what he got up to is no argument for doing or not doing anything.

    The whole point is to stop JW's enjoying themselves as normal people do.

    What could be more naturally human and loving than celebrating the birth of a beloved child ?

    Of course, if it is naturally human and loving, JW's must be stopped from doing it.

  • 2+2=5

    Jehovah has never had a birthday


    Jehovah is a jealous God


    All you people enjoying your birthday presents and a little song and getting your candle covered cake with your friends and family have got it coming.

    Jehovah will not take this lightly he is pissed off with this birthday shit, not once has anyone considered his feelings and he is gonna snap.

  • Tornintwo

    Nice post....I always found the birthday explanation hard to stomach and even harder to defend in 22 years a witness. I realise now that my 2 older kids missed out on a lot in not going to classmate's birthday parties. I actually think birthdays give children important lessons, giving someone else the prominence for the day, giving up a present you might like yourself, not being selfish, but knowing that your day will come around too. All this nonsense about birthdays glorifying creation etc is just complete CRAP. My big girl is 15 soon, she is going to absolutely revel in her first birthday.

  • SloppyMcFloppy

    They whole argument on birthdays is weak.

    1. There pagan... look around almost everything we do has pagan roots.. you cant just pick and choose to have the appearance of being different.

    2 so there was a beheading at birthday party in the bible...oh better never celebrate birthdays.. so what happens if there was a bad act comitted at the kingdom hall.. maybe a molestation/assault does that mean you should never go to the meetings cause something bad happened once..

    Guess i can have a weak excuse also for not going to meetings :)

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    How many JW's drink "Bloody Mary's?

    That should be sacrilegious for any up standing JW. One source states it was named after

    the Queen Mary 1 of England for attempting to re-establish the Catholic Church of England.

    Just the name it self is devilish..

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