3 local needs parts on service meeting.

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  • hoser
    It is scheduled on our service meeting next week to have 3 local needs parts. Local needs 1 , local needs 2 and local needs 3.
  • wifibandit
    Record that mess on your cell phone!
  • fukitol
    Sounds promising and salacious. There's gotta be at least one disfellowshipping and one reproof in that lot. A meeting to actually forward to!
  • jookbeard
    item 1; we need more money, item 2; we need more money, item 3, still more money
  • scotsman

    The last ever meeting I went to had a heavily trailed local needs talk that everyone was repeatedly told they shouldn't miss. The talk turned out to be all about me, a warning that I was a dangerous associate because I was questioning things. Of course, I wasn't named, nor had I been forewarned. Everyone blanked me after the closing prayer, many having known me since birth.

    It was a surreal experience.

    Maybe you're extra special Hoser and merit 3 talks...

  • punkofnice

    1, No

    2, No

    3, Er.........what is it now? Oh, I remember....NO!!!!

  • jookbeard
    In had a local needs talk about me also, questioning, etc, leading others astray, I'd faded by then though
  • Bonsai

    1. Give us more money or Jehovah will kill you.

    2. Stay loyal to the FDS or Jehovah will kill you..

    3. Give us more money and go out in service more or Jehovah will kill you.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    apparently --there was a local needs talk--about me--lol. this was in 1981.

    one of the sisters was disfellowshipped--then it was announced that--although i couldnt be d/f'd because i had already quit years before--therefore wasnt a JW---i was now considered as apostate--and should be shunned.

    i wasnt there--of course--hadnt been to a meeting for years--i found out by a contact who was there.

    i'd never heard of apostacy before. i think the elders were confusing it for adultery.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Agree with wifibandit - record it. Maybe it will be a very "historic" (TM) meeting -

    The BoE proposes that with immediate effect -

    1) The local congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses becomes known by a new name, to wit, Christians.

    2) Any donations given will be used solely for the needs of the local congregation and its neighbours.

    3) All contact with the WTBTS, its affiliates, representatives, and its literature, ceases ad infinitum.

    It's a nice thought

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