Do Jehovah's Witnesses view the governing body differently since seeing them on the TV?

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  • jambon1

    I think this may be a bigger issue for the society than we realise.

    When you consider that witnesses have now had well over a year of regularly seeing their 'channel to god' with their own eyes, what do you think they're thinking?

    I'm going to put this as respectfully as I can; these men are clearly a bunch of utter clowns who are laughably inadequate to present a TV show, but also, they are now ridiculously discredited due to the absolute shite that they've spoken in these laughable productions.

    Consider things from a JW's perspective; Tony Morris, Stephen Lett & Geoffrey Jackson are 'the channel' that makes their religion 'special'. These men are the channel god is using to lead his people in the modern day. Yet, look at them. Honestly.

    They're clearly mentally ill (Morris & Lett). Most are also completely delusional and at the very least, mentally imbalanced.

    So how are the witnesses seeing these guys now? Surely now that the cloak of mystery has been removed it has led to a lot of questions about the suitability of these individuals to really be the 'chosen channel of god'.

    Don't tell me the witnesses are lapping up this nonsense?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    of course they are ! most older life long dubs are just as deranged as those clowns are.

    i remember back in the '70s---my bat sh*t crazy born in mother in law bought an audio cassette of the bethel choir singing. she loved it. what a dirge! certainly no mormon tabernacle choir.

  • Fernando

    If and when I choose to see the emperor's blatant and odious nakedness, militant ignorance, and malignant self-righteousness I can...

  • freddo

    Most love it, pay lip service to it, or at least do the "emporer's clothes" bit.

    However a few talk behind their hands and raise their eyebrows. It must be one of the causes for so much increased apathy in the western world.

    I know at least half a dozen in my hall have said at least something derogatory to me about the broadcasts. Ranging from (especially) dancing trolley carts, through Stephen Lett's antics to Jehovah finds plumbing leaks.

    One elder who is on most circuit assembly programs actually said to me it was more dignified when the governing body didn't show their faces.

    So a lot are thinking it. And a few are saying it quietly.

  • Vidiot
    jambon1 - "Do Jehovah's Witnesses view the governing body differently since seeing them on the TV?"


    They usually end up here.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    That is most certainly true in the case of Tony Morris, and to a lesser extent, Lett and Herd. I believe it's beginning to dawn on them that exposing them for a closer look has been a miscalculation. I would expect their video appearances to be less frequent, less extemporaneous (i.e. more scripted or tele-prompted and on-message), with more of the "helpers" assuming the bulk of the on-screen time.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I think Lett is especially being seen as a "clown" with his ridiculous facial expressions.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I think the increased appearance of the GB on TV has served to separate the more rational, level-headed JWs from the uber-brainwashed zealots. The former have begun to take the GB less seriously. The latter have begun to idolize the GB and the organization, even more.

  • Worldling9

    Oh, it's 'special' all right...


    Do Jehovah's Witnesses view the governing body differently since seeing them on the TV?


    The WBT$ GB used to be a Group of Clowns,JW`s didn`t know much about..

    Now They Have Their Own TV Shows!..

    Image result for It's just so exciting!Image result for broadcasting

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