A history of global living conditions in 5 charts

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  • Simon

    Great article with charts showing how the world is getting better, despite the attempts of the news and certain religious groups to say it ain't so (or try and make it not).


  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Charts are worth a thousand words. But personally I think my life is all about my community, and the people that make it a better place. I hope in my smaller picture, my community is educating and contributing to making the world a better place. But I must say in all truth, it has taken me much failed effort to teach my son the importance of charity and giving to the poor.

  • sir82

    No no no!

    The world is getting worse and worse! The Watchtower tells me so!

    Don't confuse me with facts!

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Sir82, I think the world of science has taken away the simple faith of God. But with out life everlasting, and with the knowledge our death is the end, community responsibility , has given my life value. This is what I want to teach my son, but modern technology has created a new " Watchtower" of Pokémon, mindcraft and other stuff that have created difficulties in putting this message across to my son. ( Orlando)

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Yes sir82, the world started to get worse since Jesus started ruling as the Prince of Peace.

  • alanv

    Viliage idiot did you look at the charts that show many things are getting better every year.

  • ttdtt

    That website DESTROYS the entire JW beliefe system on its own.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    Viliage idiot did you look at the charts that show many things are getting better every year.

    It was sarcasm Al.

  • aboveusonlysky

    I love this part

    'the media does not tell us how the world is changing, it tells us what in the world goes wrong.'

    We have doomsday cults to tell us the world is becoming worse and worse, since I woke up I've noticed nearly every Sunday public talk uses misleading stats to try to prove how bad world conditions have become in our time.

  • A Believer
    A Believer

    10 All of this is because they have led my people astray by saying, “There is peace!” when there is no peace.+

    16 The prophets of Israel are gone, those who prophesy to Jerusalem and who see visions of peace for her, when there is no peace,”’+declares the Sovereign Lord Jehovah.

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