JW Statistics up to 2017 in graphical form and analysis

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  • ILoveTTATT2

    Sorry everyone, I wanted to post all 25 graphs at once but I couldn´t so I posted them 5 at a time. Here is my analysis:

    Here are detailed statistics that include data from 2017.

    These are the highlights from an exJW viewpoint:

    Memorial attendance barely inched upwards. If we see the trend, it’s flatlining.

    The increase, percentage-wise, of the max amount of publishers, is anemic.

    The increase in the number of congregations, percentage-wise, was a historic low of 0.5%, worse even than after 1975.

    The percentage of studies getting baptized continues its historically low run of less than 3%.

    The amount of hours per baptism continues being historically high, over 7000 hours are required to get someone to baptism.

    The amount of hours per person retained, however, is a historical record high of over 17,000 hours.

    The amount of baptisms as a percentage of the average publishers… also historically low.

    The gap between the number of witnesses that would exist if they had continued with their growth rates in the 80’s and what they have now grew even more! If it wasn’t for the internet and other factors, they would be 16 million!

    The percentage of increase of the average publishers is among the 5 lowest since they started registering that! Removing the years from 1975 to 1979, 2017 was the second lowest number ever at 1.4%!

    Despite it being ridiculously easy to be an auxiliary pioneer nowadays with the carts, that number went down compared to 2016.

    In other words, almost all statistic shows that the Watchtower is suffering from a slow painful death!

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    Here is the link to the graphs in PDF form, as requested:


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    Thank you 😊

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    Ex CO over at Reddit stated when serving in his Latin American area that the growth just wasn’t there . Despite the reported 4 % growth I believe he stated all he really saw was maybe one family that joined or a relative or two coming in but nothing major. Another thing to ask is if Central Africa is growing so much why did they close the branch in that area?

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    Despite it being ridiculously easy to be an auxiliary pioneer nowadays with the carts, that number went down compared to 2016.

    That's because many Aux Pioneers moved on to become Regular Pioneers.

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