Compare Your Personality Now As Compared When You Were A Good JW

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  • larc


    I really don't know what your point is on this thread. The ones who left and were strong, were strong. Those who left, who were weak, were weak. So what is your point?????????

  • minimus

    People blame their being JW's for why they are the way they are today. I think that most exjws who are rude today were probably rude while they were Witnesses. Timid Witnesses then, timid exWitnesses now. I think it's exceptional to see someone make a positive change from being a real punk JW to a humble, kind heated ex. And I think that if you were a rabid Roman Catholic and then got disillusioned with the Pope, you'd still be an extremist in other areas of your life.

  • Sirona

    Mmmm lets see how I've changed.

    Then: Depressed

    Now: Happy (mostly!)

    Then: Stuck up little puritan

    Now: Down to earth lover of pleasure

    Then: Soft-arsed down-trodden slave to men

    Now: Woman with equal rights holding her head up high

    Then: Guilt ridden social reject

    Now: Self assured social queen (ha ha I like to think so!)

    Then: Blind to any reason

    Now: Able to think critically (most of the time...*cough cough*)

    Then: Jehovahs Witness

    Now: Witch

    I think there have been some significant changes....


  • Sentinel

    I was definitely very jealous of those "JW's" who seemed to get away with things that others were being df'd for. Life really didn't seem fair at all. I worked hard to live by "the rules", and it didn't seem to make that much difference.

    After being told that the borg wasn't like the other religions, who's members were hypocritical, I learned that many of them were even worse. After trying to talk to my mother about my issues and finding her like a robot, I grew very sad, bitter and judgmental. I still continued to be the good daughter, the good JW, and a person who strived to treat others the way I would like to be treated. But, I just lived in a state of confusion and contradiction much of the time.

    My personality hasn't really changed that much, in that I'm still essentially the same person I've always been, I just don't have to suppress my true feelings anymore. Now that I live FREE, my perceptions about my "world" have changed to include a more balanced emotional outlook; and that has made me a happier individual.

    This is a good thread!

  • minimus

    It is so good when we hear or actually experience a measure of happiness that we never could attain while in the organization. There's a freedom that exists when you are able to freely express your doubts, pains and fears. It's nice to be here, isn't it?

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