Is it OK for JW employees to sell lottery tickets?

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  • contramundum

    I seem to remember working for the UN is also prohibited among JWs.

    Evidently becoming a NGO member of the UN is OK though!!

  • schnell

    There was a story passed around before it was squelched that a witness worked for the UN in some capacity and asked an official, "So when are you going to ban religion?" And the legend goes that the official said in all seriousness, "How do you know about that?"

    Assuming this story is true and not totally apocryphal...

    1) Why was he working there?

    2) How was the official not pulling the guy's leg?

  • ToesUp

    "If someone played the lottery and won, and donated the money to the society, would they accept it and would he be disfellowshipped?"

    WT will accept anything in the form of checks, money orders, cash, credit cards, gifts, estates, etc. They could care less where it comes from as long as THEY can benefit from it. They will just do what they do best...SWEEP IT ALL UNDER THE RUG!! Money flows one way in Watchtower THEIR POCKETS!

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Letter to the branch: Brothers I'am DF's and I have two months to live. I would like to leave my assets to the WT organization, a small fortune. Since I'am not in good standing can I be reinstated before I die or will you accept my large offering form a DF's person?...... Letter from the GB: MY Brother!!!!!

  • tepidpoultry


    Pure JW lore fabrication

    Did you hear about birds of prey breeding exponentially

    How about

    Jepeordy answer that NWT is the best most reliable Bible translation

    I love this stuff

    Helped me get out


  • smiddy

    Jehovahs Witnesses speak out of both sides of their mouth.

    The R& F cant do work for a religious institution without being hauled before a JC hearing and sanctions imposed on him/her , however the Society /organizatiion can sell a KH or Assembly Hall to any religion that is interested in buying it with no problems.

  • BluesBrother

    In my experience, the answer to selling lottery tickets would be a firm No, on principle since gambling is a big sin in their eyes. The last J C that I was involved in was a lad who had done no more than buy a charity lottery ticket and somebody ratted him out...

    Other employment issues can be grey areas where the questions to ask are :

    How much of your work is actually doing this activity?

    Is your work directly supplying the "bad thing" or incidental to it? etc.

    When I was in good standing I worked for a while in s supermarket delicatessen selling, among a load of things, blood sausage. I felt that was O K since it was such a small part of what I did. Others might have thought differently

  • blondie

    Example: If you work where tobacco products are a small part of what is sold, gas station, grocery store (though the grocery store we shop at stopped stocking tobacco products years ago). You could work there, even ring it up. Same as with lottery tickets or holiday products.

    I heard a story how the Jews interpreted working on the Sabbath.

    Say you have chickens who lay eggs and other chickens you use for meat.

    Could you pick up an egg they laid on the Sabbath.

    1) lay eggs, no because that is the sole purpose for the chicken.

    2) meat, yes because the egg is only part of the chicken that fell off.

  • schnell

    @tepidpoultry Oh god I love that one about the Jeopardy question. It is so stupid. As I reasoned with my roommate at the time, "Why should we validate our belief in our translation of the Holy Bible based on a game show?"

    Another one that irked me was an email that spread like wildfire to JWs about the movie Avatar. It mostly centered on the word, "avatar", which apparently this JW family had only just discovered. Thus the pretty mediocre movie had PAGAN ORIGINS!!!1. And holy shit did people believe it. It was the dumbest shit.

  • RubaDub

    Can a dub work in a sex toy shop, or patronize one?

    Yes, providing the main product lines are not for gay sex, anal sex or blow-up dolls that could be viewed as having sex with someone other than your spouse. Any lingerie should also be modest and cover the knee.

    Rub a Dub

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