TRICKY WORDS and why not to use them

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  • LongHairGal

    Did anybody mention my favorite? “Your” is all too commonly used instead of “you’re”?

    ”Your” is possessive as in “your shoes”.

    “You’re” is the shortened form of “you are”.

    I think this particular mistake and the use of gonna are as a result of laziness whereas most of the other mistakes mentioned are plain old ignorance of the English language and grammar.

    Sometimes you can forget yourself and fall into bad habits. I’m guilty of using “ain’t” even though some do not consider it to be a legitimate word. ☺️

    In today’s world, it is the rare person who has halfway decent grammar. Usually it is an older person. Too many younger people have awful spelling and grammar and get angry if it’s pointed out. They feel it should go out the window with other traditions.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Instead of avoiding, how about being an amateur etymologist? You know, a person who sticks pins through words.🙂

  • Vidiot

    When I saw the thread title, I assumed it meant weasel-words...

  • FedUpJW

    "My friend and I went to the store."

    And do not forget that the fact you and your friend went to the store does not mean a thing to you and I. It is you and ME. There is another one that grinds me every time I see it. There is a difference between HEAR and HERE.

  • titch

    FedUpJW: I hear you on that matter. So,..."here here" to proper grammar.


  • titch

    Folks, I apologize for my previous post. I'll admit that I did a search on the Internet AFTER I wrote it. The correct phrase, as I found out is..."hear hear", kind of a shortened version of "hear that person, hear that person." It's a phrase that was used quite frequently in the British Parliament. So, there, I correct my previous post.


  • Terry

    I think the way we pronounce words and divide the sounds into syllables
    gets a bit tricky itself.
    If I say "REALTOR" and clap my hands to the 'beat' I get two syllables.
    The movement of the tongue from the L to the T may "feel" like a ghost syllable but the rhythm itself is two beats, no?

  • jhine

    There , their and they're. They're the bane of my life . There are people who don't know their grammar


  • jhine

    Where l live realtor is spelt estate agent .


  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I like the word FACETIOUS. It uses all the vowels and they are in alphabetical order. It's the only word I know like that. Any others?


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