Watch: Comedian Lewis Black Reads 18 Year Old's Awesome Resignation Letter To The Mormon Church

by Captain Schmideo2 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • wannaexit
    Love the rant!!!! He should do one on leaving the Jehovah's witnesses
  • OrphanCrow
    Simon: OK, that makes absolutely no sense to me.


    Funny, isn't it? :)

    Comedy is like that.

  • Simon
    So you can't explain it then. That's OK - I just wanted to clarify that you were trying to dismiss it with no basis other than your own opinion.
  • slimboyfat
    The line about hamburgers is the best.
  • under the radar
    under the radar

    If their tax status was in jeopardy, I'm pretty sure the Mormons would get a "revelation" about gays and such.

    The same with the JWs. If threatened with having to pay taxes on their money grubbing ways, I suspect there would some blinding "new light" about blood transfusions now being a conscience matter and that no one should be criticized for whatever decision they made about it.

    It's all about the money. Always has been, always will be.

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