Imagine Getting Busted Staring At Britney's "Assets"

by SYN 30 Replies latest social entertainment

  • SYN

    Well, it happened to this poor guy. This is especially for Simon.

  • obiwan


  • Xena

    Come on though who can blame him??? I would kill for that body

  • Jourles

    I'm with Xena. I wouldn't mind having that body for a day.

    Where o' where would I start?

  • Jourles

    Just noticed something else.... Was it really that cold out in TEXAS??

  • Hamas

    No, it wasn't that cold.

    She's just a girl that is so so up for it baby

  • Reborn2002


    I do not understand the hype. She is NOT that hot. I see girls who look just like her or better everyday down here in Florida on the beach or on the street. If she had not been made famous by her horrible singing than no one would give a rat's ass about Britney Spears. A typical no talent singer who uses sex to sell records, and she is not even very attractive at that. Sorry Simon, I am entitled to my opinion, hope you don't get too riled up.

    Then again, I can imagine your wife being ill-pleased if you come on here defending Britney because you stare at her assets.

  • SYN

    True life story: Once I was walking around in a shopping center near my old office with a buddy, and this woman, who is quite a celebrity in South Africa, was standing looking into a shop window:

    She turned around and busted me staring at her ass. Damn.

  • ashitaka

    LOL------never get caught. Wear sunglasses.


  • sandy

    Reborn 2002,

    I agree that Britney Spears cannot sing and is selling sex with records but she is pretty hot. She has a great body, she has a cute face and personality. I wouldn't mind being her.

    I cannot blame a guy for looking. I can't help but look to whenever I see a beautiful girl. Though 99% of the time I can find a flaw and you can bet I will point it out to my boyfriend. J ealousy is good that way.

    I've yet to find Britney's flaw.

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