What Simple Pleasures Do You Enjoy Since Leaving Watchtower?

by pale.emperor 33 Replies latest jw experiences

  • WTWizard

    Things like listening to "bad" songs. Not having to worry about if your favorite song, or one that ties in with a special event in the past, is "bad". There are so many songs that fit that category--including the Elton John song Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting.

    I also like putting up sun worship lights and decorations (and doing it to worship the sun, not Jesus) and not worrying about the Christmas spirit. I also like listening to sun worship music without worrying about it--including substituting "the sun" for "Jesus" because the real Christ is in fact the sun.

    Being able to go home after work, and do shopping or watching videos (now, YouTube takes the place of most of the TV shows that have all gone down the memory hole in favor of idiot programs).

    Buying silver instead of wasting money on field circus donations or Worldwide Damnation Fund. And not hearing a peep about having to save up toward Israel missions or some unneeded project at washtowel headquarters. And not hearing a peep about how worldly is--they will wish they bought some when it gets to 7,000 toilet papers per ounce and the dollar is toilet paper.

    That I can use certain words that are classified as moderate expletives (such as "Damn" and "Crap" without the washtowel censoring them. Even "Darn", "Shoot", "Geez", "Golly", "Gosh", "Poop", and "Shucks" are banned from the washtowel vocabulary as "swear words"--despite that many are even trademarked as products or brands, and many are "what you are supposed to use" (such as "Darn"). Or words that are branded as spiritism--"Luck".

    Being able to explore other religious faiths, without commitment. I can check out what the cat lick church is really about, along with other Protestant denominations including other cults, without committing to them. Or Islam. I don't have to worry about sticking to the washtowel doctrine--even blatant Satanism is fine to study (hint: True Satanism does not permit ritual animal sacrifices or torture, or human sacrifices, as part of its activity. Satanic CULTS often do, but they are cults and it is blatant that they are cults just by looking at the sites and seeing how they go against nature.)

    If I feel like going somewhere, I do not have to go to all the boasting sessions and participate to the full in field circus.

  • longgone

    Enjoying the day instead of counting how many hours until the meeting starts. 😊

  • Heartsafire

    First of all, I'm loving your beard Pale E.

    Secondly, I am still married to a dub so I can't just light up a cigar anytime I please (although the thought has crossed my mind).

    But the biggest things I enjoy is no more serve-us and no more guilt!

    I love to sleep-in on the weekends, watch any film I want, hang out with my worldly friends, and wear tight pants!

  • smiddy

    The freedom from guilt sessions with myself.

    Enjoying the company of" worldly" people without judging them and appreciating we are all just human.

    And realising their are some very good people out their who would give you the shirt off their back and ask for nothing in return

    Pokies ,lotto ,keno ,even the horses now and again in moderation of course and being responsible about it.

    And no fear of being zapped by a lightning bolt.

  • SummerAngel

    So many its been 30 years but the novelty of some things never goes. I never attempted to play by the rules anyway so I didn't have that now I can drink, shag, do drugs thing.

    Mine would be going to church when I want to, wearing shorts, leggings, jeans to church why does everyone in the Borg dress like they're going to a 1980s wedding. I love bunking church just caused a can. I love Saturday mornings to shop and do family stuff. Doing family stuff on Sunday afternoons. The endliss mindliss pharasaic list of stupid rules to keep up with. Celebrating my wonderful kids birthdays making them feel special. I love Christmas, and decorating the tree, choosing the little presents for people. Going to firework displays, having my kids celebrate mothers day.

    Feeling good enough. Enjoying grace and tolerance.

    And overall a celebration of life and love in all its glorious colours instead of focusing on how terrible the world is and how glad we should be that its all ending.

  • Schnufti

    Our flat is clean and tidy because I have finally the time to do all the chores. More homecooking, less McDonalds after meetings. I can buy groceries and wash my hair any evening I want. I live healthier because I can go biking and work out more often.

    No more panic when chatting with workmates.

    I can accept life-saving medical treatments. In fact, yesterday I had a bike accident. But I wasn't scared at all because I knew that I can take blood if needed.

  • Phizzy

    I enjoy my leisurely Weekend breakfasts, I enjoy having the time to read all sorts of Literature and watching TV and Films nothing to do with the Org, and lots of it forbidden by them.

    I also enjoy the occasional Cigar. When I first woke up it shocked me that some ex-JW's took up smoking again, but now, when I have a Cigar, with a drink in the other hand, I get an immense sense of well-being, calmness and I love the sheer fantastic freedom of being able to indulge !

    I also enjoy very much being accepted as a regular guy. My TWF's (Terrible Worldly Friends LOL) will swear away in front of me, tell me rude jokes etc etc. It's GREAT !

  • tiki

    Voting.....being a citizen of a community. And seeing the good in people...there are a lot of great people out there. Not having to dwell on death, doom and destruction.

  • snugglebunny

    Music festivals.

    Lying in.

    Not having to hope for rain so I didn't have to go door knocking.

    Getting a bit drunk on Friday nights.

    Hugging the other sex. Our social scene is full of huggers.

    Going to football matches.

    Giving birthday and Christmas cards.

    Dancing around at BBQ's.

    Not having to socialise with toxic people.

    Telling somone to fuck off.

    Black pudding. I love black pudding.

    Receiving 6 units of blood to keep me alive after massive loss due to diverticular problem.

    Voicing political opinions without mentioning God's kingdom.

    Watching world heavyweight boxing.

    Viewing all of Breaking Bad in 3 days.

    Associating with apostates.

    Would enjoy a Romeo & Juliet cigar but after 20 years no smoking...well, you know..

  • done4good

    1. Thinking for myself

    2. Getting an advanced degree

    3. Excelling at career without guilt or needing to hide it

    4. Sex

    5. Whatever music I want to listen to

    6. Whatever books or other reading material I want to read

    7. Marijuana

    8. Wine

    9. Travel

    10. Thinking for myself

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