Regional Kickbacks to WTS for Conventions

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  • darkspilver

    Incentivizing events to be held at particular venues is standard.

    It's pure economics - it seems that Alberta has the lowest personal taxes in all of Canada?

    By providing an incentive, the local government will factor in the the cost benefits - hotel room tax, money spend while in the venue town - shops, food, restuarants, museums, galleries, transport etc etc - sure some events will bring in more dollars, others less. But, unless you've got events queuing up to use your venue, a venue full of JWs is probably better than an empty venue - both for the local government and the local businesses..

    Remember there is also the benefit of indirect tax - the income tax etc you get from the people employed by the venue, hotels, local businesses and transport.

    Sometimes I believe a local government will effectively sponsor a venue and related hotels and businesses - for example by guaranteeing that the venue will be used a set number of days-per-year.

    On a smaller scale, it's like you personally organising an event at a local bar - the bar provides you with the room at either low or no cost as the bar expects to makes it's money from selling drinks and food to the people you are bringing in. The bar also does not expect your guests to buy their drinks from the bar next door!

  • joe134cd

    Cha ching = Be great full your friend dosnt live in this country. Here they assigned the buddies to a DC that was a one and a half hour plane flight away, in a city that was in the middle of no where. Absolutly every one complained. The irony was the airport were most of them probably chose to depart from (because of the lower cost) was less than 3 miles from where a convention was been held anyway at the same time.

    I have noticed that a lot of international acts that come here also choose to hold it in the same city. Which makes me wonder if their rebates are more favourable than in a more convienent bigger location.


    Isn't the "Harlot" supposed to be in bed with the merchants and Kings of the Earth?? 😁


  • Faded

    Disgusting. But how businesses work. And the Witnesses are a business.

    The regional convention went to Red Deer in 2016. I wonder if Edmonton upped the offer for 2017 or if this is their standard presentation.

    I do know i'm writing down those dates & getting out of town. And hopefully doing something they'd deem sinful.

  • sp74bb

    A very usual practice within the tourism and convention industry.

    Usually the return or the benefits are usually used to cut back the cost of the event. I'm sure this will not be taken into account and the same "voluntary contributions" will be asked.

  • Simon

    It may be common practice for money making ventures ... strange that there is never, to my knowledge, ever any mention of this when talking about the RC finances.

    The sheep pay for the convention both directly and indirectly without realizing it.

  • Magnum

    I agree that it may be common practice in business. So, it's just further indication that the org is a business. I would not have a problem with it if the org was open and honest about it and used the money it saved/received in a selfless manner, but it is lying and deceptive. It makes it seem as though it is so concerned about those attending conventions and that's why it chooses certain venues and instructs all attending to book rooms in only hotels on the approved lists. It makes it seem as though the purpose is to get lower rates to benefit attendees. While lower rates may be attained, as indicated in two posts above, the org also gets complimentary rooms which it then passes on to attendees and for which it charges them (I've seen the checks). Also, it's trying to meet a certain quota so it can get the incentive payments referred to in the OP.

    I've known for a good while that something was suspicious about the District Convention (now Regional Convention) arrangements. I've had several JWs (one was a super-elder) complain to me that the rates for the rooms on the lists were higher than rates they could book by themselves online.

    Just further fuel for the fire that is my anger against JWdom.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    WT corporation lack transparency is appalling. Their should be laws enacted to force charities to be completely transparent with what they do with funds and a detailed list of expenses should be posted for all to read at the conventions of where the money is going, or at least be made available after the conventions they being God's organization and all this talk about telling the truth to you neighbor and everything.

  • jaydee

    Is this Samuel 'token' Herd........?

    Image result for funny bags of cash

  • Vidiot
    Simon - "...The sheep pay for the convention both directly and indirectly without realizing it."


    I'm in the wrong line of work.

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