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  • Spoletta

    Why is it that the Watchtower finances are cloaked in secrecy, yet when the congregation is ask to approve extra donations to the Organization, the voting is in public, so everyone can see who is "loyal" to Jehovah.

    Hmm... I think I just answered my question.

  • blondie

    Try being the person that questions it....

    You get on an unofficial list. and it is unlikely you will be called on again.

    I saw a regular pioneer sister removed....

    And an elder removed.....he knew it was a fraud

    What do they vote on any more, not the CO's expense?

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Many of the bylaws of the corporations that congregations have requires that money spent over a certain amount has to be handled by a vote of it's members. Some of those bylaws require a secret ballot. In fact the current bylaws of the title holding congregation corporation, that is in line with the branches directions in the US is if someone objects to the manner of the vote, that the vote must be conducted by a paper ballot.

  • dubstepped

    Ugh, I hated that. One time our PO got up there with a motion to remodel the Hall. In my opinion we didn't need it, and we could build several Halls in areas that needed it with those same funds. He proudly announced that there'd have to be something wrong with you not to agree on this one, and my wife and I raised our hands like good robots. Afterward though, I caught him in a foyer and told him to let the record reflect two dissenters and that I thought what he did was wrong. I'm sure I was on a list somehow, but I always challenged them.

  • Tallon

    A slight deviation from the topic of discussion and inline with Blondie's post above; I was an accounts servant for a couple of years. Believe me when I say this; it was quite an eye opener - meaning where the donations were sometimes really allocated!

  • joe134cd

    Dubstepped = You are the first person I have known, who openly stood up to them on a vote. While still a fully indoctrinated believer.In the 40 years I was in I never saw or heard of anyone openly opposing a congregation vote.

  • dubstepped

    Haha, I made waves a few times, like when I was trying to step down as a regular pioneer and the PO wouldn't let me. He just kept pushing me to press on and laid on his guilt trips. So I waited for the circuit overseer's visit, grabbed the PO and CO, and told them both in no uncertain terms that I would no longer be pioneering despite the POs reluctance to accept my resignation. I was hammered on a meeting, one on one with the PO, after the visit, for my "disrespect". Lol, like he respected me and my wishes. I still can't believe it took me until 38 to disassociate. I was in my late teens and early twenties for these instances.

  • Londo111

    Even as a JW, I often thought voting was a joke. It was basically a rubberstamp of the decision the elders had already made.

  • Lostandfound

    Richard Oliver

    Try being the one who asks for a private ballot, your cards are marked.

    In UK subtly different priorities on Congregation votes and votes by elders, who in money matters, are required by law to act in the best manner appropriate for the charity, i.e. The congregation. Elder, as trustees, are LIABLE for the fiduciary consequences of their individual action. As has been mentioned previously elders should cover themselves with some form of insurance against action against them as trustees. As an example, elders approving the WT method of self insurance could be sued personally by anyone having a claim that the fiction of self insurance does not provide remedy for.

    On another matter, odd that nearly 3 million was Clintons popular vote majority but I have just seen Trumpmtake oath, voting, perfectly imperfect

  • blondie


    My husband was an accounts servant and elder for many years.

    1) Elders want to send flowers to a sister's funeral in another congregation who had donated money (anonymously) for years to this congregation years before. But they wanted to pay out of the congregation funds but not put it to a vote. My husband said no, they would have let the congregation make the decision. Or else donate behind the scenes for others in the congregation who were faithful preachers but not wealthy. That pricked the consciences of a couple elders. My husband suggested that the BOE put in five dollars each and that the BOE just pay for it. What cheap bastards....2 didn't even want to donate $5...but wanted to spend the congregation's money secretly. (I wondered how often that happened)

    2) A congregation was trying to build a new KH since there were 200 attending in the current one. There was no nearby KH to use. The elders had resisted because they were afraid their families would be split up (adult children/grandchildren). One elder was tired of the behind the scenes machinations to sabotage the plans. So finally with CO pressure they were going to announce the building of a new KH but the PO stood up and said instead they were going to renovate. This elder stood up and said no, the body had voted for building a new KH and the PO was lying.....he learned by experience you never embarrass an elder in front of the congregation. He was removed for causing divisions and was never reappointed in any congregation.

    So it doesn't matter what the rules are....elders decide which rules to keep and which to break even defying WTS admin.

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