A sucker is born every minute

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  • Virgochik

    I was nine years old, and I was at Sheyboygan. I thought it was hogwash, but the air was electric with excitement and oohs and ahs. It really impacted my life, and now my retirement savings. No college, which affected my future earnings and quality of life. Where was Mr. Sunutko when 1975 came and went, and all his hot air was just that? I'd like a piece of him for getting my parents all stirred up and refusing my scholarship!

    Anyone else attend this one?

  • ToesUp
    • Thank you Sour Grapes for posting that recording. We have several older siblings that also can verify that the 1975 "push" was real. We were small at the time and don't remember. This recording sickens me. I listened to the entire recording on your other post. I copied and pasted my response below.

      I am so glad some of the older ones have this proof that these idiots did really make a hype of 1975 .

      It goes to show how WT out right lies to its members.

      Wow...great recording. Thank you. I have never heard this talk before.

      Around 8 min. he speaks about Babylon the Great falling. Several churches in our area are thriving. They have massive expansions of their church. This talk was given 41 years ago.

      WT has taken this talk and made new re make video(s). The Bunker video and the resurrection video. They have taken the exact same message and put it into video(s). He states, "some of us may not see it" (remake video...Kevin) Same ole, same ole...wash, rinse, repeat.

      "Exert ourselves vigorously." He speaks of knocking at the door (ironic huh?) and it will not be opened to you. It seems they enjoy the fact that they can close that door on the "unrighteous." The arrogance and the self righteousness is incredible! I can't imagine having the same attitude towards family members and close friends..."oh well...you had your chance, so sorry." He even speaks of Jesus having this exact same attitude.

      I'm sorry friends, I will choose to take a permanent "dirt nap" then spending eternity with these nutters. How cold and unbelievably unfeeling these people are. I am embarrassed and ashamed that my parents ever fell for this and dragged their children along with them. What were they thinking?

      How could we have not seen this our whole lives?

      They have "repackaged" the fear and made an entire convention geared around loyalty to Jehovah.

      As the Lawyer for Candace Conti (Rick Simons) stated, "if ever there was a group the needs the sun to shine on them and their practices, it's this one (Jehovahs Witnesses)." If there is a God above, how I pray the sun will shine soon.

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes


    I really appreciate your post! It is just makes me so angry the the Borg is starting all over again with how close we are to the end. Could you imagine living in a paradise earth that is run by JW's? That would be hell on earth.


  • LongHairGal


    I was really touched reading your post and getting the feeling of somebody raised in the religion who lived through this mania and who felt everybody's expectation - only to feel crushing and bitter disappointment!

    I came into the JW religion a few years after 1975 and there was hardly any mention made of this major failure. I would have hesitated to join if I knew what really happened but nobody talked and there was no internet back then.

    Your post got many "Likes" but somebody gave you a "Dislike". I guess some Witnesses don't like when somebody tells it like it is...Well, too bad about them.

    I am so sorry for anybody here who experienced this fiasco, especially younger people who were helpless as their indoctrinated Witness parents denied them higher education!

    Hopefully, the Internet and other sites like this will awaken any questioning people in the JW religion and there won't be the level of damage today like there was from 1975.

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